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Our Experienced Medical Sales Recruiters

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Peggy McKee, CEO

Peggy McKee loves horses, Texas, and closing the sale. She grew up on a 1000-acre ranch in central Oklahoma, where she developed her love of ranch work and all things horse: trail riding, helping with cattle, and cutting (but she’s still working on her pole-bending skills). Her competitiveness (and her 6-foot height) made her a standout player for her high school basketball team, with a 29.9 game point average her senior year (867 points in the season). She earned her B.S. in Chemistry and her M.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Oklahoma, turned down an offer to teach nuclear chemistry to Navy submariners because the uniforms and 6:30 am start time did not work for her, and entered the medical sales field where she’s found great success. She discovered her love of Texas while living there for a brief stint in 1994. Although she had to move to other states for a while in order to follow her career, she got back to Texas as quickly as she could and will never leave.

Peggy founded PHC Consulting in 1999 (in Texas) to be the kind of recruiter she wishes she could have worked with when she was a hiring manager. Because of Peggy’s experience in laboratory sales and management, she believes that the way to make a hiring manager’s life easier is to provide him or her with a select few pre-screened, pre-qualified, top-quality, enthusiastic candidates to choose from so that the hiring process is NOT yet another stress-filled aspect of the busy medical sales manager’s job.

Peggy is focused on making the hiring process simple, pleasant, efficient, and successful. She does that by studying her clients’ needs, applying her own comprehensive personal and professional knowledge of what it takes to be successful in medical sales, and hand-picking the highest-quality candidates to present. Her attention to detail and dedication to great service have earned her an outstanding reputation as a medical sales recruiter for over 10 years.

Kraig McKee – Recruiter

Kraig McKee is a Texas man. After graduating from Texas Tech with a B.A. in Marketing in 1979, Kraig built a very successful career in medical sales. At Chiron Diagnostics from 1987 to 1999, he held the titles of Sales Representative, Regional Sales Manager, and National Sales Director. As Transgenomic’s VP of Sales (automated instrument for DNA and RNA identification and quantification), his sales force called on research laboratories, but his largest customers were big Pharma. His last employment before joining PHC Consulting was with Ventana Medical Systems (now a part of Roche). He was Director of Sales and Support for their MDS system (a turkey division that received no attention yet delivered results every year). He was promoted to the position of East Area Sales Director – Clinical Diagnostics (this is their base IHC product area) at the time of his departure in 2006. His product experiences include clinical chemistry, special chemistry, histology, immunohistochemistry, DNA/RNA purification, micro-array, tissue array and other molecular products.

If you ask him how he was able to be #1 Region and #1 Zone and how he exceeded goal (most of the time), he will tell you “it’s all about the people you hire”! Kraig has conducted over 400 interviews throughout his medical sales and recruiting career, and knows what it takes to hire the best.

Kraig is a motor head, a dirt bike rider (and jumper), and he tells it like it is. If you have a thin skin, don’t call Kraig. If, on the other hand, you want no-holds-barred, straight scoop advice from someone who’s been there and done that, call Kraig.

Jamie Guinn - Recruiter

Jamie Guinn was born and raised in Texas, and once won a $13,000 trip to Cancun from a radio program while at work. She has owned and managed a trendy restaurant in the Houston Galleria, sold and managed in the commercial insurance industry, and successfully guided an older son through law school and a younger son through college football into retail business management. Obviously multi-talented, Jamie has used the principals of quality customer service and her diverse business experience to become a valued member of the PHC team.


Jennifer Durand - Recruiter

Born and raised in Michigan (but we don’t hold that against her), Jennifer also transplanted herself to Texas as fast as she could. Jennifer has a passion for finding the right person for the job, and that, combined with her 14 years of recruiting experience across several industries, makes her an outstanding asset to the PHC Consulting team. Jennifer has been a recruiter for the automotive industry (guess where?), IT, accounting, and managed care, as well as medical sales, but she’ll tell you that the weirdest search she’s ever done was for a biochemist for automobile paint-color creation. (Remember, she’s from Michigan.) Her spare time is consumed with keeping up with her busy teen and preteen daughters.



Testimonial from LinkedIn:

“I would like to thank you for all of your endeavors you committed to helping me acquire my position. It was a rather lengthy process, and your indispensable advice and continued dedication played a vital role. I appreciate such high caliber work, and will certainly refer aspiring candidates in the career areas for which you specialize in recruiting. I am certain your keen grasp of recognizing talented candidates has proven fruitful, and am confident that this capacity will continue to manifest through my success. It was a pleasure working with you; I am delighted to have found someone so professional, reliable, and personable, and I hope other ambitious candidates are fortunate enough to have this opportunity. Thank you again; your time and efforts are immensely appreciated, and feel free to contact me if I could be of any assistance in the future.” August 9, 2008