(…and discover how to finally recruit sure-fire winners without the fear of
making the wrong choice)

Dear Hiring Manager:

If you need a top-performing candidate pronto then I have an opening on my calendar to speak with you immediately.

After 10 years recruiting medical and life sciences marketing professionals, I understand the stress of not having the right candidate at the right time.

(If you need to talk now – give my office a call at (888) 263-5688 or fill out the Audition RSVP to reserve time with me below)

Research shows that just a 30 day delay in hiring a sales professional could cost your organization up to $100,000. I also know that hiring the wrong person or not “hitting your recruitment” goals could jeopardize your bonus and even your job.

That’s why I am moving with a sense of urgency right now.

I am assuming that you needed your pre-screened candidate yesterday and you can’t afford to waste any more time.

By the way, this situation isn’t your fault…

The traditional way of finding and vetting candidates has been broken for a few years now.

At first, job boards like Monster.com and the like were god-sends.

What Others Are Saying...

“State of the art all the way around”

"Peggy McKee's PHC Consulting firm is one of the best in the HealthCare industry. As you will see with her website, she is state of the art all the way around. Peggy studies her clients to obtain a complete understanding of their goals and qualities so that she can align her candidates for the right position at the right companies.. I have always found Peggy and PHC Consulting as a company who functions with integrity and the highest professional standards that consistently delivers results."
Keith M. – National Sales Manager – Clinical Diagnostics Manufacturer

“Improved our companies revenue growth”

We have used Peggy on eleven different recruitment projects over the past couple of years. She has definitively improved our companies revenue growth by providing us with talent that fits our companies technical needs and more importantly our culture. Any sales leader hoping to grow their revenue would be well served in utilizing her services." Chris S. – VP of Sales and Marketing - Laboratory Services Organization

Now they are time and money black holes. I continue to be amazed by how much money is spent for the chance to interview mediocre (or unqualified) candidates. I’m shocked that more businesses haven’t thrown the whole online resume selection process out the window in frustration…

Since you are reading this I believe it’s safe to bet that you are not getting the results you are looking for….because

….you are spending too much time wading through sub-par resumes

…you are wasting precious hours screening “ok” candidates with dubious credentials

…you see no end in sight because your email in-box continues to be flooded with junk candidates

I’m writing you now because…

I Specialize in Using Our Deep Experience to Deliver the Right Person for Your Specific Hiring Need…

Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Peggy McKee and I have extensive experience in the medical field. In 1999, I started PHC Consulting to use my background to help hiring managers find talent.

Over the last decade, I’ve carefully created a toolkit of resources that instantly points me to the professionals that are not on the job boards.

Unlike other recruiting firms, I rely on my laser focus on the medical industry to find the quality candidates quickly and cost-effectively.

For example, I just fully staffed a growing company's sales team with 4 experienced professionals in just 6 weeks. We were uniquely suited for this challenge because we already understood the needs of the hiring manager.

In this case, they were looking for candidates with specific expertise in 4 separate parts of the country.

They picked PHC Consulting because they respected our experience. We had no “learning curve”. We hit the ground running and saved the sales manager weeks of sorting resumes, coordinating interviews, and hiring missteps.

All they needed to do was hold cursory phone screens, meet the candidate in person and make offers.
We can do the same for you with a phone call…

You Don’t Have to Trust Me –
Just Call Me and Watch Me Deliver….

This doesn’t have to be a leap of faith. Believe me, I’ve had my share of bad experiences with outside recruitment companies. When I was in your spot, I often wished that my recruiters took the time to prove their worth before forcing me to sign paperwork

Have you felt that way too?

That's why I've set aside time to discuss your hiring needs with you. My marketing guy calls it a "Consultation" but I call it an Audition...

  • Get the ball rolling on selecting and delivering prime candidates from my personal database. You will be able to hit the ground running at the end of our discussion
  • A customized review of the hiring best practices in your industry. This review will reveal if you are inadvertently attracting the wrong candidates
  • A 2nd Opinion on the your hiring process – a simple tweak to your system could cut down on time wasters and missteps that could clog your pipeline with poor candidates

That’s why I’ve set aside time to discuss your hiring needs with you. My marketing guys call it a “Consultation” but I call it an Audition…

If you reserve time with me now…I will deliver:

The audition only takes about 20 minutes…so I will keep my recommendations short and to the point.

My goal is to give you the “Next Step” you need to fill your candidate position quickly.

20 minutes Gets You Access to My Hot Candidates

That’s my offer.

It’s simple to reserve a time now. Just fill out the Audition RSVP below:


I’ve made this invitation short because I know you are busy (even overworked). I am waiting for your permission to contact you and begin taking some of your recruiting chores off your plate.

We’ll talk soon,

Peggy McKee
CEO – PHC Consulting

P.S. Check out some of the customer feedback from hiring managers just like you who have trusted us to help with their recruiting needs.

Customer Feedback - Steve Hagan
"Your candidates were the best... screened properly, references check and ready for the job."

"Congrats on reaching your ten year anniversary in Diagnostic/Medical Sales Recruiting. I like to think that I had a small part in your success. I suspect that I hired at least 50 candidates from you over the years and I can honestly say that of all the recruiters I have worked with, your candidates were the best prepared, screened properly, references checked and ready for the job. I wish you luck in hitting your 20th. Congrats!”

Steve Hagan
Senior Director Marketing
Ventana Medical Systems, Histology/Pathology Solutions


Customer Feedback - Kevin Ellison
"Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity"

"I first met Peggy when I was trying to find a new position in the biotech industry. While I did not land my current position through Peggy, she was the first person I called when my new company decided to find someone to cover the West Coast. Her honesty, integrity, and follow up separate her from the pack. Having worked with her on both sides of the fence, I can definitively state that Peggy truly strives to find the right person for the right position.”

Kevin Ellison
Regional Sales Manager
Almac Diagnostics


Customer Feedback - T. Johnson
"I trust her completely."

"Peggy is a very detailed and results oriented person. I have always found her to be very successful in putting the right people in front of me when searching to fill a sales position. I trust her completely.”

T. Johnson
Area Director
Healthcare (Diabetes Arena)


P.P.S. Don’t let recruiting add to your already too-busy, and too-long work week. Let me do the leg-work and deliver the candidates to you. Just give me 20 minutes of your time to get started now.

P.P.P.S. Our time together will help you decide if PHC Consulting is right for you. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Click here to complete the Audition RSVP and the process rolling…