Be One of the Few, not One of the Many!!!

I received a resume from a candidate the other day.  She had a MS in Molecular biology.  Great grade point average – intelligent? Yes.  What did she want to be when she grew up?  A pharmaceutical sales representative. Why? She wanted to use her science background, communication skills and business acumen. I asked her “Why do you want to be one of the many where you are one of the few?”  Not very many sales reps have MS degrees in complicated science areas.  Certainly 80% of pharma reps are without that type of advanced degree and there are thousands of pharma reps. My advice: Find another product area where her degree is more of a requirement from the start she will have fewer contenders vying for these positions.  And once she has sales experience she will have even less competition for other positions of advancement in these arenas.  To summarize: Consider yourself. What is unique about you? Work to identify career areas and where you can differentiate yourself with this uniqueness.

Happy Holidays from the medical sales recruiter….

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