Medical Sales Interview Attire Survey

Dear Medical Sales Hiring Manager:

At PHC Consulting, we want to help our candidates be as successful and confident as they can be when interviewing for a medical sales job.  Part of that is excellent interview prep, but part of it is how they dress for the interview.  We have put together a survey so that we can pick your collective brains about what you’re looking for in a candidate’s appearance.  What makes a great impression for you?

Click to go to the Medical Sales Interview Attire Survey.

Don’t worry–it’s quick.  And it would be a huge service to future medical sales candidates interviewing for a position with your company.

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Peggy McKee

Company Car or Car Allowance? – poll results

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Which is best for your medical sales job:  a company car or car allowance?

Which is best for your medical sales job: a company car or car allowance?

Recently, I asked my medical sales rep readers to vote on which they’d prefer from their employer:  a company car, or a car allowance.  Here are the results: 

Company Car or Car Allowance – which do you prefer?

Company Car – it’s the best!                                           46%

I like to pick my own ride – Allowance is best!            27%

Company Car? – I just need a job!                                14%

Mileage pays the most!                                                  13%


I have to say, I agree with you.  (Most of you.)  In my view, a company car is always the best financial option for the healthcare sales rep.  Why?  Less stress.  You’re not affected if insurance premiums increase, gas prices go up, or the tires blow out…let alone big maintenance.  Or tax issues.  You just get in the car and go, concentrating on what matters most in medical sales:  closing the deal. 

On the other hand, there are negatives:  the company vehicle may not fit your other lifestyle, you may prefer another type of ride (instead of a Ford Focus), or you might not like the fact that if you lose your job, you lose your ride, too… 

There are plenty of  issues to consider, but many ways to think about it and no right answer for everyone.

Should Employers (Medical Sales/Medical Device Sales/Laboratory Sales) Have The Right To Check Your Credit Before They Hire You?

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I have had a poll on my site for over 12 months about:
Should Employers (Medical Sales/Medical Device Sales/Laboratory Sales) Have The Right To Check Your Credit Before They Hire You?

I thought you might find it interesting to see what everyone thought so far:
Absolutely Not 44%
Maybe for some jobs (with a clear reason) 39%
Why not? What does it hurt? 18%

I think this is just one more area where our privacy no longer exists (sadly). But as long are the actuarial tables show that this knowledge in hiring reduces liability we will continue to see this erode. What do you think?

Should Medical Sales Jobs Require a Credit Check?

Recently, I ran a poll to see what you think about whether or not companies should have the right to run credit checks on candidates before they’re hired for jobs in medical sales, laboratory sales, clinical diagnostics sales, biotechnology sales, medical device sales, hospital equipment sales, surgical supplies sales, imaging sales, pathology sales, or pharmaceutical sales. Here’s the results:

49% – Absolutely not

40% – Only if there’s a good reason

11% – Sure, why not?

My personal opinion…companies should only check credit scores on those candidates who will receive a company credit card, or some other similar financial responsibility. I see that a slim majority of you don’t agree with me, but it’s not unreasonable for a healthcare sales company to want to give financial access to those people with proven reliability.

Company Car Allowance vs. Mileage vs. Company Car for Sales Reps in Medical, Laboratory or Healthcare….

One of my hiring managers (a client) wrote this, and kindly agreed to share it with you:
“While it isn’t scientific and it certainly has room for bias; my last poll of our team was they like the full mileage reimbursement as it lets them own the car of their choice. We pay $0.55 / mile. If they don’t buy a gas guzzler, they can almost afford to own any moderate to upper moderate car they wish. Our typical rep does about 1,300 miles per month. If you presume 20 mpg, attainable and far below Prius standards by a stretch, they pay less than $200 per month in gasoline at $3/gallon. This leaves them after gas funds of $450 for payments and maintenance at tax free dollars.

When I do this math for reps they see that they’d need a car allowance of $900 per month to make the same (gas, payment, federal / state tax). How many companies have a car allowance that generous?

Our CFO has hinted at moving to company car purchases, but our reps have voted twice now to keep status quo.

I think on the surface a car sounds nice and without prior experience would seem like the best; however our reps have learned to like the tax free payments and selecting the car of their own choice.”

We recently took a vote on just this question.  Our results so far:

44% – want the car

28% – car allowance

14% – Who cares about the car…we just want a job!

14% – mileage

If you have some data about the car question – please share it with us.  (Are there strong trends that differ by area….whether it’s medical sales, laboratory sales, pharmaceutical sales, medical device sales, biotech sales, imaging sales, hospital equipment sales, or other healthcare sales?)

Also, if you would like to work with a company with a management team thoughtful enough to ask which you would prefer, send me your information – maybe I can introduce you to my hiring managers…..

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Sales Reps:Company Car or Car Allowance? – which one is best?

Candidates sometimes ask which is best: company car or allowance? So we thought we would allow you (the reader) to tell us what you think. Many candidates like the allowance because you can choose your car and don’t have to worry about driving record issues either. But companies need to know that I think that the company car is more “sticky” for the employer. What do I mean? I think reps with companies that have car allowances are more likely to leave (those companies have higher turnover) than companies with company car plans (all other things being equal). Many times, it is the small things that stop change cold in its tracks. Having to consider buying a car and the insurance, etc that go with it will stop many reps from considering a position without a car plan.

Tell us in the comments what your experiences are?