Podcasts with Peggy….

I love technology – especially when it provides us with information that we did not have access to previously. Now you can hear me talk about topics of interest via a podcast. Check it out. Currently, I have some short discussions about interviewing, healthcare sales, pharma sales, laboratory sales and medical device sales. I will be adding more topics. Let me know if there is an area that you are interested in….Also, let me know if you know of relevant podcasts that I should hear. I will have another post with a list of podcast recommendations.

Podcasts – sales insights, management insights.

Guess what? On the way to Toronto last week, I listened to a podcast about recruiting…..Very cool. I have a free subscription through my iTunes that downloads these podcasts onto my iPod. Candidates are always looking for ways to set themselves apart from the competition. Maybe there is a useful podcast on selling (how to get past gatekeepers, how to sell value not price, remaking your book of business, mining your contacts, etc.) that you could listen to while you are on the plane, driving (not on your iPod but through your stereo) or working out. If you get one little piece of insight that sets you apart….you have succeeded. I will look on iTunes and put some links in one of my posts as examples. With technology, the possibilities are unlimited!

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