Is “no experience” stopping you from getting your dream job? Listen here.

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If “no experience” is stopping you from the dream job that you desire?
Listen to this short audio clip about how to overcome this objection…..

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Chris Norris (GE/Bayer/Abbott) discusses the Behavioral Event Interview

I asked Chris Norris to discuss with me the BEI, you have to listen to this!
It will really help you as you encounter these types of interviews (which are growing in popularity)
Chris is a commercial leader who has documented performance excellence in various capacities including Vice President of Sales, National Sales Director and General Manager. He brings a diversity of experience in a multitude of Commercial roles having served with Abbott, Bayer and GE Healthcare.
Listen here to learn more about the Behavioral Event Interview (BEI):

If you find this audio valuable, will you tell me in the comments? (and forward it to others who might need to hear Chris’ special perspective).

Click here to view the transcript of the discussion.

Podcast: Brag Books Are a Unique Way to Sell Your Skills

Do you have a very important interview?  Make sure you have a brag book.  Brag books can be an absolutely critical way to tip the scales in your favor in an interview.  Not only do they highlight all your wonderful qualities, they allow you to demonstrate those intangible skills that make a great impression.  In this economy, you’re going to need all the help you can get for just about any job in medical sales, laboratory sales, medical device sales, imaging sales, biotech sales, or especially pharmaceutical sales.  So,  BREAK THE GLASS! You can listen to this podcast over and over. 

What do you get for your $17?

  • What a brag book is
  • Why it definitely helps you shine in the interview and stand out over other candidates
  • How to make one–with specific examples, in great detail
  • When to introduce it in the interview–what to say, and how to say it, even if you’re not directly asked to show it

How important is your job interview?  BREAK THE GLASS!


Polish Up Your Brag Book

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OMG, They Asked for References! – Podcast


OMG, They Asked for References

What do you do when they ask for references during your job interview?  First of all, do a little happy dance (in your head, of course) because you’ve just gotten a buying signal from your interviewer.  Asking for your references indicates definite interest.  However, you’re not home free yet.  Always assume your references will be checked.  You need to know how to have the kind of references that will clinch the deal for you.  Here’s what this podcast offers:

  • How to ask for a reference
  • Who will be the best reference for you
  • How to prep your reference before they’re called
  • How to make sure your reference is the best one you can have
  • Why a reference letter is not your best option – but discover one place they can be helpful
  • How to follow up and why it’s important

References are not an afterthought.  They are a critical part of your job interview in every area of medical sales, laboratory sales, biotech sales, medical device sales, imaging sales, pathology sales, and pharmaceutical sales.  It’s another area where you can set yourself apart from other candidates and shine.   So– BREAK THE GLASS, learn how to make your references the best they can be, and get the job you want.

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Podcast on Phone Interviews? Get the podcast, get the job!

June 8, 2009 · Posted in HealthCare Sales Jobs, Interview Coach, Interviewing Skills and Tips, Medical Sales, Medical Sales Recruiting, Pharmaceutical Sales, Podcast Blogs · Comments Off on Podcast on Phone Interviews? Get the podcast, get the job! 

Do you have a very important phone interview? BREAK THE GLASS! For $17, you get great advice that you can listen to over and over.

What do you get:

  • 10 minutes of top tips for scoring in the phone interview
  • how to prepare for the phone interview
  • what to ask the interviewer
  • how to answer the questions
  • how to clarify for understanding after you answer a question
  • how to close for the next step in the process!!!

I just got this email from someone who chose the podcast – and got the job!

“I can’t believe I secured the position via telephone interview from Australia! The interview ‘close’ nailed it for me. I am certain. Thanks again for such great advise given in such a straight forward way. Hey, I’m an IT guy who just wants to get on with the job. But getting through the interviews is not always so easy.” – Phil J.

So, if you want a job, like Phil, break the glass and get insider secrets as to how to crush it in the job interview.


Telephone Interview Preparation

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Podcast: Networking – Now and Forever!!!

Today’s podcast will teach you how to network.  Networking is critically important in the business world–and in the rest of the world, too, if you think about it.  I have discussed networking ideas in past posts, but today is a real nuts-and-bolts tutorial of what, exactly, to do:

*How to make yourself available to people and provide value to them and become the kind of person other people want in their network.  (Here’s a quick extra link for how to use networking as a marketing tool.)

*Who to keep in your network…customers, co-workers, and especially former managers.

*How to keep in touch, and what to say when you do.

*Ways to network beyond the traditional, like using LinkedIn.

The information in this podcast, if you apply it, will help set you up for success in healthcare sales, imaging sales, pathology sales, laboratory sales, medical device sales, and pharmaceutical sales. 

For links to other podcasts by Peggy, click here.

Peggy McKee – the medical sales recruiter… #4 – Networking – now and forever


Podcast: Video Career Profiles for Medical Sales!

Here is some news that everyone in healthcare sales should be very interested in, from my post at Interview On Demand:

Today, jobseekers have a new tool to differentiate themselves from the masses. Interview on Demand, LLC. introduces the Video Career Profile! This is a web page that showcases the jobseeker in a way that will generate interviews and ultimately – “The Job Offer”. And isn’t that what all jobseekers want?

The Video Career Profile will show a video clip of the jobseeker in an interview situation, the resume and a short “why you should hire me” summary. Here is a sample Video Career Profile.

Click the player below to listen to Peggy McKee talk about this product and what it means to the jobseeker!

For links to other Podcasts by Peggy, click here.

Podcast: Interviews – how to make the cut!

As a medical sales recruiter, I get asked a lot by candidates about how to make themselves stand out in healthcare sales interviews.  Today’s podcast will offer you some thoughts on basic interview skills:

1)  DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!  You can use the internet to find out almost anything and everything about the company, and you should if you want to communicate that you care at all about this job in imaging sales, pathology sales, clinical diagnostics sales, or research laboratory sales.  I will give you different ways to do this.

2)  Have a great resume – There’s a lot of information available online about putting together a good resume, so I won’t go into all that here.  But do ask for input from others on your resume, and seriously consider putting together a business plan.  I have extensive information on a 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day business plans on my blog site.  It will be invaluable to read it, and I will also discuss it here.

3)  Closure.  Help the hiring manager see you in this job.  ( I offer a few ways you could accomplish this.)  And, remember to act like a salesperson and try to close the deal.  Ask for the business, which in this case, is the job.

There’s a lot more available in the podcast today.  I hope it’s helpful to you.

Peggy McKee – the medical sales recruiter… #3 – Interviews – how to make the cut!

Podcast: Why healthcare, medical, or laboratory sales? Why not pharma?

Good sales skills transfer easily from one industry to another, so why should you consider healthcare sales?  Besides the fact that this area is continually evolving and changing with leaps in medical technology that will keep your job interesting and rewarding, healthcare sales are recession-proof.  A bad economy doesn’t affect the healthcare industry with nearly the impact it has on other industries.

And why do I think that almost any area of medical sales (imaging sales, pathology sales, clinical diagnostics sales, research lab sales, medical device sales) is better than pharma sales?  The one area of medical sales that does tend to be tied to the economy is pharmaceutical sales.  Fortune magazine had an article recently on layoffs in pharma sales.  Also, there are perception issues with pharma reps that don’t affect, say, research or clinical sales reps (which I also discuss in the podcast).  Medical schools even have a few issues with pharma reps.

Gabcast! Peggy McKee – the medical sales recruiter… #2 – Why Healthcare, medical or laboratory sales? Why not pharma?

Hear more on these issues in today’s podcast and other nuggets of medical sales wisdom in podcasts with Peggy


Podcast: Introduction to PHC Consulting by Peggy McKee

March 17, 2008 · Posted in Laboratory Sales, Medical Sales, Medical Sales Recruiting, Podcast Blogs · Comments Off on Podcast: Introduction to PHC Consulting by Peggy McKee 

 Peggy McKee – the medical sales recruiter… #1 – Introduction to PHC Consulting….

Do you read a lot? I do. And lately my book list is predominately “how to market in today’s technology based world”. The leadership thought is that “buyer” (and for me that would be potential candidates and clients) all learn in different ways and to be most effective in our pursuit of your time “sellers” (that would be me) need to provide our expertise in as many different formats as possible. So I have adopted blogging, quarterly newsletters and now podcasting! My next four posts will include a podcast that covers topics that I think will be very interesting and informative. In this particular podcast I describe PHC Consulting and our services and mission. Please take some time to listen in to my discussions and give me feedback and suggestions (perhaps there is a particularly hairy topic that you would like to hear the medical sales recruiter’s spin on)….let me know.

For the last 9 years, PHC Consulting has provided top talent in sales, sales management, technical support and marketing for the laboratory industry. We strive to make connections that are productive and positive for our clients and candidates. Areas of expertise are pathology sales, imaging sales, medical device sales, laboratory service sales, molecular and cellular sales and any other related healthcare sales arena. If you know a company whose products fall within these areas that are looking to leverage their product offering with strong sales skills, motivation, drive, intelligence and desire to succeed, tell them about PHC Consulting. They will thank you for it! Take a listen:

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