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Executive War College 2015

Peggy-Executive-War-CollegeI had a great time at the Executive War College 2015 in New Orleans!

If you’re not familiar, this is THE place to be for laboratory and pathology executives and teams, especially in our changing healthcare system. 

Robert Michael (Dark Daily) always does a great job with that conference. Check out this Testimonial:

Thank you again for an incredible Executive War College. The sessions were solid and the networking opportunities were boundless.

Ken Cerney, Chief Executive Officer Manhattan Labs

If you didn’t make it this year (you can order live recorded sessions), make sure you make it to Executive War College 2016!

See you there!


MedReps Features Tips From The Medical Sales Recruiter!

Shortcuts to a Medical Sales Job Offer

Are you looking for Shortcuts to a Medical Sales Job Offer?

I just had a great conversation with MedReps about what medical sales reps can do to speed up the job search and get a medical sales job faster.

We talked in more detail about my article, the 10 Fastest Ways to Find a Medical Sales Job, and finished up with how medical sales is different from other sales arenas and what that means for your job search.

It’s a great Med Reps article.  Click here to read it.


Fastest Way to Find a Medical Sales Job? Be Great at Networking Events

Networking is extremely valuable to your medical sales job search and career, and you have many more opportunities to do it than you realize.

In the video below, I will tell you about new networking opportunities to consider, and give you 3 big networking tips–what to wear to a networking event, what to make sure you do when you meet people, and how to handle this specific kind of communication. Click the video to watch.

Here is the blog article I refer to in the video: Fastest Way to Find a Job Tip 19 – Networking Events. It’s part of my blog series, Fastest Way to Find a Job Series – 25 Tips for a Super Fast Job Search.

How to Get a Job in Medical Sales If You’re a Military Vet or Spouse

I just got an email from a military spouse wanting advice on how to get the attention of medical device sales managers.  She’s had trouble building a solid performance history because of her frequent moves.  Here’s her email (details changed and/or omitted to protect her identity) and my best tips for transitioning into medical sales follow:

Dear Peggy,

Thank you for all of the videos you have posted on YouTube. They have been valuable tools in my search for a job in medical device sales. As the wife of a Marine, I have had a difficult time building a resume full of numbers and quotas. I have no doubt that I can meet and exceed sales goals. I just need to remove doubts from recruiters’/employers’ minds. Do you have any advice on how I can better market myself?

My short story:

  • Wife of a Marine who is transitioning out of the military in the next 60 days and moving to the _______ region
  • B.S. in Business Admin. and Marketing, GPA (great #s),Dean’s list 3 yrs in a row (graduated in 3yrs)
  • TX Real Estate Broker and Bus. Developer Oct. 20XX-July 20XX
  • Recently completed Anatomy & Physiology I&II and Medical Terminology and now work as a physical therapy technician
  • Interested in opportunities at Stryker, Roche Diagnostics, Cook Medical, and Eli Lilly

Thank you for your time. Your inbox likely is inundated with similar questions, so I know your time is valuable. I hope to hear from you soon!

(First, let me say:  great email…short, to the point, and respectful.  If you’re asking someone for help, this is the way to do it.)

Now for my advice:

Look for folks on LinkedIn (or Twitter, Facebook, or Google+) at the companies you’re interested in with Marine in their background.  They will be more receptive to you.

It’s always better to contact the hiring manager directly in any job search, and if you can dig up some way that you connect with them or have something in common, use it.

Get ideas, tips, strategies, and more for targeting and contacting hiring managers, check out this Hidden Jobs Finder system. 

Add This Google+ Circle of Recruiters To Your Job Search Network

Google+ is the newest kid on the social media block, but it’s a popular one.  If you’re not familiar with it yet, read about the major features of Google Plus.

Signing up is easy, and normal social media guidelines apply here, too:  be professional, post a great photo, participate in discussions.  Check out these fun graphics that show Google vs. Facebook.  And read this helpful article about how Google+ affects your job search.

When you get established, or if you’re there already, I’d like to share a circle of recruiters with you.

Recruiters are always a very valuable ally to have in your job search.  They know where jobs are that aren’t posted anywhere else.  So, connect with them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter, friend them on Facebook, and add them to your Google Plus circles.  They should be a strong part of your strategy to crack the hidden job market.

Your task for today is:  find me on Google+, scroll down to my post offering to share this circle, and click “Add circle.”  That’s all there is to it.

Job Search Tips: How to Take Advantage of Holiday Networking

Holiday networking is a gift to yourself

The holidays are possibly THE perfect time to build your network–which is important for your entire medical sales career, but vital during a job search.  There are so many opportunities for you to reach out to others, and it will pay off for you throughout the new year.

Take advantage of the season

The most important thing you’ve got to remember about networking during the holidays:  just do it.  You can be confident that just about any contact you make this time of year will be received positively.  People expect it, so take advantage of it.  Reach out by sending out cards and emails to EVERYONE.

Reconnect with people you haven’t talked to in years 

Think about all possible contacts:  people you used to work with, former bosses, old high school or college buddies, former neighbors, your kid’s Little League coach from 10 years ago, everyone.  Send a card or an email.  You have a reason–it’s the holidays.  Just say, “Hey, how are you?  I was thinking about you and wanted to say Hi.  What have you been up to?  Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!”  (Or Happy Holidays, or whatever holiday you celebrate right about now.)  You don’t have to tell them you’re looking for a job.  And you shouldn’t, yet.  There will be time to gracefully fit that into the conversation later.

If they respond and they’re geographically close to you, invite them to grab lunch or coffee or drinks with you to catch up.   If they’re too far away for that, they might ask how you’re doing and then you can talk briefly about your job search goal in a positive, upbeat way.  (If that seems difficult, watch my video Be Positive When Explaining Your Unemployment.)

Thank your boss

If you’re employed, now is a great time to give your boss a gift or just say “Thank You” without looking like a suck-up.  Bosses like appreciation, too.

Attend holiday parties and events

If you’ve got a holiday party on your calendar, check out these networking event tips.  Set a goal of a certain number of people to meet, and follow up with them after the party with a nice “It was good to meet you” note.

Offer help and information to others

Keep in mind the spirit of the season.  If you can think of a way to help someone else out–do it, even if it’s as simple as giving them a link to information they might want.  Be a resource for people.  I firmly believe that if you put good things out there, good things will come back to you.

How to Get a Job at a Medical Sales Trade Show

job search at at trade show

Trade shows are fantastic places to extend your networking contacts and start poking around for hidden jobs.  You can find one for just about any medical sales arena–medical device, pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostics, orthopaedic manufacturing, and on and on–and they’re usually free for attendees.  As long as you’re respectful of the exhibitor’s real purpose for being there (generating attention and business leads) you can pick up some fantastic contacts.  In fact, this kind of in-person networking is on my list of top tips for your medical sales job search.  It’s a great use of your time.

In the video below, I’ll tell you exactly what to do before, during, and after the trade show to maximize your efforts.



If you are currently in a medical sales job search, don’t miss my step-by-step How to Get Into Medical Sales kit.

Extreme Networking for Medical Sales!

medical sales networking


Making the right contacts, or networking, is critical to your short-term performance and long-term career success. And it can absolutely be a deal-breaker (or maker) for entry-level medical sales candidates.

In the video below, I’ll tell you how you can make a large number of excellent connections within the space of a few hours. Be prepared to do it with these in-person networking tips from Mark Hunter.

Click here to find out more about the Medical Sales Summit 2011

2011 AACC Annual Meeting!

Clinical laboratory sales reps:  interested in a huge opportunity for professional growth and development (and some crazy-good networking)?

Get to Atlanta this month for the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) 2011 Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo!  Fantastic speakers, the latest products and services for clinical scientists, and valuable interaction with folks from all over the clinical lab field (yes, it’s in Atlanta in July, but air conditioning is a wonderful thing…).  It’s a super opportunity for clinical sales reps (attending conferences is #10 on the list of the top 10 ways to get a recruiter’s attention)  and medical sales recruiters–I’m looking forward to being there, and I hope you are, too.

* Before you go, check out my video for tips on how to work a tradeshow if you are searching for a job or think you might be in the near future.  I’ve got some key pieces of advice for before the conference, how to make your time count after you’re there, and following up after you get home.

Best of luck!

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