Medical Sales Job Interview Coach

Medical Sales Interview Coach

Kraig McKee –  Medical Sales Interview Coach

Medical sales job interviews are complex and fiercely competitive–to make sure YOU win, hire a medical sales interview coach.

Kraig McKee  

Kraig McKee is the expert you need in your corner. Not only has he been a medical sales recruiter, he has worked at high levels in the medical sales arena and has hired sales reps–which means that he knows exactly what medical sales hiring managers are looking for and he can share those secrets with you.

Kraig has been Director of Sales at Ventana, Vice President of Sales at Transgenomic, and Sales Director at Chiron Diagnostics. (See Kraig McKee’s LinkedIn profile.)  His product experiences include clinical chemistry, special chemistry, histology, immunohistochemistry, electrophoresis, immunoassay, HPLC, microarray, MA and DNA separation and purification. Also see Kraig’s articles on sales and sales management.

Wherever you’d like your next medical sales role to be–medical devices, clinical diagnostics, biotech, laboratory, hospital, surgical, pharmaceutical–Kraig is the coach who can get you there.

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In a Medical Sales Job Search? Consider Hiring a Career Coach

peggy-redshirt158X210Question:  What can a career coach do for you?
Answer:  Get you HIRED—even in the face of big obstacles

Learn more about Career Coaching here:

I wanted to share with you a few stories of the huge rewards others have experienced from using a career coach (me):

  • An executive told his wife to get ready for cutbacks, because he’d been searching for months and it looked like he would have to take a pay cut to get hired.  Within 24 hours of taking my advice, he found a great job at a $7B company within minutes of his house.  He didn’t even know the company was there!  His offer was equal to what he made before. 
  • A tremendously talented woman could not get past the first interview with any company.  Her confidence was taking a beating.  Just a few minutes into our conversation, I realized she was saying things in the interview that made her seem weak.  I showed her how to speak from a position of strength, and she got a wonderful job offer in her next interview.
  • One COO wasn’t using his network effectively—I had him send one simple email out to 600 people on his list and he got 50 responses with viable options.  He was THRILLED.

How can I coach YOU to success?  

Your Job Search?

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Craft a Positive Story About a Negative Situation?

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Set up some time with me.  I’d love to work with you.



VP Operations Executive Career Coach

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Executive Job Coaching Creates Strategies That Make a Winning Difference


Are you an upper-level executive who’s been laid off or asked to resign, is ‘in-between’ positions, or who just needs to make a career change?  This can be a tough spot to be in.  Maybe you can relate to this story….

I recently worked as an executive job coach with a VP of Operations.  He’d gotten laid off because an equity firm had taken over his company.  It was not personal, and no reflection on him or the quality of his work.  But this was so painful an experience for him that he could not discuss it with anyone without literally stuttering–which meant that he definitely could not interview for another job.  He was on emotional overload. 

Because of this difficult situation, he knew he needed some kind of executive life coach or career counselor, so he came to me.  One of the things that I do for clients is to give them a new perspective and new language to describe these kinds of difficult circumstances.   

In less than an hour and a half, we worked through how to explain his past in a positive, confident way…no more stuttering. 

Less than 8 weeks later, he got a job offer with a $180,000 salary to go with it. 

That’s the power of executive career coaching.  It’s specialized expertise to navigate even the toughest circumstances.  It’s fast, powerful, productive, and profitable.

If you are in a job search (or even just going for the promotion) and think you might benefit from an executive career coach or business coach, check out my career coaching information page to see what we can do for you =>  Executive Career Coaching 


Physician (Doctor, MD) Executive Career Coach

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physician career change counselor


Are you a physician looking for a career change?

Recently, I’ve worked with several physicians as a career counselor and coach.  These were doctors interested in further career development by moving on to something in the medical field but not as a practicing MD.

They wanted to transition from practicing medicine into a variety of areas:  big pharma, medical writing, and strategic marketing.  These were talented, educated, valuable people who needed assistance with the next step.

I worked with them as a physician executive coach on who to contact and what to say as a first step in their job search.  We also worked on interview skills that would get them the offer.

Why did we need to do that?  Because no matter how talented, educated, and skilled they were, being a doctor is vastly different from what they wanted to do for the next stage of their careers.  Interviewing for an MD position is vastly different from interviewing for any other position in the medical field.  They were applying for jobs in the $150,000 – $200,000 range, and at that level, employers expect candidates to exhibit certain qualities in the interview process.  Your competition is strong, and unless you bring your ‘A’ game, you won’t get the job. I worked with each one for about an hour (a very busy hour), and all are now successfully employed in the position of their choice.

Are you a physician transitioning into a new field who could benefit from career counseling or career coaching?  Usually, all it takes is an hour.  That’s a small investment that leads to huge gains in your career.

Find out more about what physician executive coaching can do for you here:  Custom Career Coaching



Medical Sales Career Coaching

medical sales recruiterCareer Coaching is a unique opportunity to get exactly the help you need, exactly when you need it–it’s personalized medical sales job search help.  What do you need?

  • Are you trying to break into medical sales for your first job?
  • Are you transitioning from pharmaceutical to other medical sales areas?
  • Do you have a difficult situation in your past that you have trouble explaining to prospective employers?
  • Are you not getting interviews–so you need a stronger resume or job search strategy?
  • Are you getting interviews, but no job offers–so you need some interview coaching?

In my experience as the medical sales recruiter and career coach, most medical sales job seekers with issues like these have one or two issues in their way.  Together, we can uncover them quickly and get to solutions that deliver the results you need.  Who better to give you the inside track to a medical sales job than an experienced medical sales recruiter on your side?

Whatever is holding you back from your medical sales career goals, I can help.

Click here for more => Medical Sales Career Coaching 


How to Write a Resume That Sells You For the Job

Did you know that you can dramatically improve your resume just by re-wording a few bullet points? 

In one of my coaching calls recently, I spoke with someone about spiffing up his resume.  (I offer individualized coaching…if you’re interested, check it out here:  Career Coaching)

This guy happened to be transitioning from pharmaceutical to medical device, but there are lessons in this for you no matter where you’re coming from or going to in your medical sales career.

He had been making very good money in his previous job….gotten promoted regularly.  He was very, very good.

But if you read his resume, you’d never know it. 

He had no numbers.  He had good bullet points, which I could see because I was taking the time to read over it carefully, but if I’d been in a hurry, I would have missed the significance of them entirely.

So I told him the same story that I want to tell you. 

This story doesn’t have anything to do with medical but it’s how I want you to think about writing your bullet points.  (And EVERY resume needs bullet points.)

I had a client who was a sales rep for a national fitness chain.  One of the bullet points on his resume was:

  • Created an e-Newsletter that resulted in additional clients

Well, that’s nice, but what I wanted to know was:  How many additional clients?

He said, “24 in the first month.”

I was impressed, and asked, “How much did they pay a month?”

He said, “$100.”

I wanted to know, “How many people did you send the newsletter out to?”

He said, “300.”

So I summed it up for him: 

“So you created and developed an E-newsletter that you sent out to 300 people that resulted in 24 additional customers and over $28,000 in revenue for the year in the first mailing.”

(24 people paying $100/month for 12 months)

Now THAT’S a bullet point.

That’s MUCH more impressive, don’t you think?  And more accurate.

It was guaranteed to get him more attention from a sales manager.


Does your resume describe you like that?

Are there any “resulting in” or “with an outcome of”?  Do you have anything in your background that you could describe in a different way that includes those kinds of numbers?

If it doesn’t, you will not get the medical sales job you want.

If it does, you can get almost any medical sales job you want.


You don’t need a resume writer to do it, either. 

All you need to do is follow that same thought process that I asked my fitness dude and ask yourself those same questions.

A resume writer would ask you those same questions to pull that information out of you…and charge you $1000 to do it.

You can do it. 

No one knows you and your skills and your industry as well as you do.

If you really do need help with your resume, I highly recommend that you get Career Confidential’s Extreme Resume Makeover Kit.  It doesn’t write your resume for you.  it shows you how to think about your resume, and how to pull all that information out and put it into a selling document. 

And I personally review the resume of everyone who buys the kit. 

Can’t beat that.

Get a resume makeover here => Resume Writing


We did talk about other things on that coaching call… like what to do if his documentation was not as detailed as it needed to be, and what kind of companies he should be looking at in his particular transition situation, and how he presented himself in the interview.  But every coaching call is different.

If your own job search is not going as well as it needs to be, give me a call.

This guy had been at a high level, high salary, lots of promotions, but was struggling in the job search anyway and feeling bad about himself.  Which is just about the craziest thing in the world for someone who had been as successful as he had been.

What he’d been struggling with for months, we turned around in a few hours. 

I’d love to sit down for some personalized coaching with you.

If you’d like more information about what I offer as a career coach, go here =>

I just want to encourage you to let nothing hold you back in your job search.

There’s no reason you can’t be as successful as you want to be, as fast as you want to be.

Career Coaching To Land a Medical Sales Job – Why You Need It

Are you a strong candidate but you’re just not getting enough interviews?  Or the right interviews?  It’s a common problem.  Job searches are always tough, but our current unemployment numbers mean that you have even more competition than before.

The job search is a numbers game, which means that if you apply for enough positions and talk to enough people, you’ll land a job–eventually.  But how much time do you have?

Watch the video and I’ll tell  you about what my particular brand of career coaching can offer you:  not career counseling, but true candidate coaching that teaches you the practical skills of how to present yourself in the very best light, and more importantly, how to get yourself in front of a large number of exactly the kind of hiring managers you need, in exactly the geographical location you’re interested in.

Get more information about custom career consulting and job search training.


Career Coaching: Do Men See It Differently Than Women?

You know what I’ve noticed lately?  Most of my career-coaching clients are men.  Out of the last 26 career coaching/interview coaching/job search advice sessions I’ve conducted, 19 clients were male, and 7 were female.  I know that doesn’t represent the gender ratio within the medical sales field, so what gives?

Do females invest in their careers less than males? Do females prefer to seek help from male advisors rather than female ones? Do men have less of an issue than most people would believe about accepting career help from a female advisor?

I’ve written before about the lack of female medical sales managers (and I believe there are too few women leaders in all business and political sectors), but this is a different issue—or is it?  I previously said that women were less likely (for various reasons) to play politics and participate in the networking necessary for climbing the ladder, and that women don’t support each other in the workplace all that well—yet.  But maybe another reason is that they aren’t investing in their careers by seeking mentors, sharpening skill sets, or hiring a career coach in order to put themselves in the best possible position for advancement.

Does the stereotypical image of a female candidate accepting a lower salary or unwilling to ask for a raise extend to the idea that she won’t invest in herself as a candidate?  Are women simply less competitive than men—which means they don’t go after every advantage they can get?

Is it that women rely more on conventional methods of skill-building (classes, certifications, etc.) instead of slightly out-of-the-box ideas like interview coaching?  Does it seem riskier to them?  Men are notorious for being more willing to take risks in all areas of their lives, so maybe that explains their seemingly increased willingness to try something new.

Here’s what I think:  If women really are less confident in the workplace, it makes sense that they should seek out someone to interact with to build their candidate skill set and confidence.  If women can’t find a mentor the “traditional” way, hiring a career coach who climbed the medical sales corporate ladder as a female and can speak from personal experience in the trenches sounds like just the ticket.  And if women value their careers, they should be willing to invest in themselves, sharpen their skills, take a few risks, and step on up to success.

Career coaching works to eliminate any flaws you’re unwittingly bringing to the hiring process, and polishes your job searching and interviewing skills to a shine.  If you’re a better candidate, you’re going to get a better job, and you’re going to do it much faster…which translates into a better work environment, a better paycheck, and a better life.

Check out how career coaching can transform you into a powerhouse candidate and help you land the job of your dreams!

Interview Coaching for Medical Sales Interviews

The medical sales arena is the top tier of sales positions in the workforce.  Because the area is so varied, exciting, and lucrative, many, many candidates are vying for those jobs.  So, if you want to land a job in medical sales, you’re going to have to bring your “A” game.

Every point-of-contact with a medical sales hiring manager (or the HR department) is a make-or-break one.  Each one is a “weeding” opportunity for them:  your resume, your cover letter, your online presence, your phone interview, and your first interview.  They’re looking for a reason to throw your name out and narrow down the field to make their jobs easier.

In response to that, the smart candidate will prepare, refine their job search and interview techniques, and give it all they’ve got.  But there’s one other trick you could have up your sleeve:  your own personal interview coach.

Why an interview coach?  Well, the best-of-the-best are competing for these jobs.  Think of it like the Olympics (the job interview competition).  Yes, Olympic athletes have talent, but what else do they have?  They have excellent coaches who fine-tune their skills and get from them that extra few seconds that make the difference between a really talented athlete and an Olympic champion.

How does that translate into your job search?  A great interview coach will

  • take into account your individual history and talents and show you how to shape them into job-winners for you.
  • customize your resume and 30/60/90-day plan.
  • help you construct compelling, individualized answers to standard interview questions so that you’ll stand out in a big way.
  • help you figure out what makes you unique in the job market.
  • help you improve your closing skills so that you can ask for the job (a critical skill).
  • show you how to negotiate your job offer.

The real beauty of individualized interview coaching is that it’s customized.  It’s whatever you need it to be.  You’ll discuss that with your coach, who can also point out things you weren’t even aware of.

What are the biggest things to keep in mind?  Find a coach who’s an expert in your field, who knows what the hiring managers in it are looking for, and who is excited to be on your team.  Make sure you’re comfortable working with your coach, too.

It’s difficult to get a job in medical sales, but it’s not impossible.  Find a coach who can help you reach your goals.

I offer interview coaching for medical sales candidates, but you don’t have to work with me.  Find someone you’re comfortable with and make the investment in yourself.  It will be worth it.

What to Look for In a Great Medical Sales Interview Coach

Today’s job search is unlike any we’ve seen before.  Competition is especially fierce for medical sales jobs in this economy, and candidates get weeded out quickly.  If you’ve landed the interview, you need to bring your best game right off the bat and knock the socks off the hiring manager.  One of the most effective ways to become an all-star candidate is to hire an interview coach.  Individualized coaching takes your personal work history and talents into account and customizes solutions for you.

How do you find a great interview coach?  Look for someone who specializes in medical and health care sales with lots of experience.  Look for testimonials from other clients, and take advantage of the consultation that they (should) offer.  If you find someone with the right credentials that you feel you can work with comfortably, you’re good to go.

What should you look for?  A really great interview coach will get to the bottom of your problem as quickly as possible.  They won’t want to waste your time or money, and will be interested in helping you land the job you want.  They’ll want to help you identify your goals and pinpoint the areas you need to improve.

You’ll probably get some homework to do on your own, like books to read or specific changes to make to your resume.  It’s great if they can help you arrange a job-shadowing experience, and help you incorporate the keywords you’ll gain from that experience into your new resume.  And they should help you role-play interview questions.

But the best thing about interview coaching is that it’s personalized.  A great coach won’t have a standard plan they make everyone adhere to—they’ll customize the plan to what you need to be a winning candidate, whether you’re in medical devices, laboratory sales, pharmaceuticals, or hospital or surgical equipment.

A good coach won’t make you crazy promises, but he or she will want you to succeed as badly as you do, and will give you the tools, training, and expertise to make it happen.

I offer medical sales interview coaching, but you don’t have to work with me.  Research what you can expect from a medical sales interview coach, and make your decision.  It’s an investment in yourself and your career that will pay off for you.

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