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How to Answer Interview Questions for Medical Sales – Describe a time you went ‘above and beyond’.

If, in a medical sales job interview, you are ever asked to describe a time you went above and beyond the call of duty at work, be extremely happy because you’ve just been handed a spotlight to make yourself shine as a candidate.

In the video below, I will tell you what kinds of stories you should choose to tell in response to this behavioral interview question, and how best to tell it.

Click on the video to watch.

For more information, suggestions, and ideas for how to answer this interview question, see my blog article How to Answer Interview Questions Q10 on Career Confidential.

Then start exploring the entire series, How to Answer Interview Questions – 101 Tough Job Interview Questions and Answers to get the best interview answers to the questions you’ll hear in a medical sales job interview.

Answering Behavioral Event Questions in a Medical Sales Job Interview

What is the hiring managers looking for in a great answer to a medical sales interview behavioral event question?

In the video below, I give you 2 very popular behavioral event interview questions and break them down for you–what you should be considering as you come up with an answer for them, and what the interviewer is really trying to find out. Click the video to watch.

Being prepared for behavioral interview questions is only part of a strategic approach to a medical sales interview. There are hundreds of articles right here on my blog that I hope you dig into to help you think about how to be successful in your next interview. If you are new to medical sales, or even if you’re having trouble landing the medical sales job you want, check out my How to Get Into Medical Sales kit for help.

Job Interview Tip: How to Handle Behavioral Interviews

It’s likely you’re going to find yourself in a behavioral job interview sometime in your job search.  Do you know how to handle it?

Behavioral interviews focus on past job behavior and performance (what did you do in a given situation) with the idea that this information will predict your future behavior and performance.  Behavioral interviews are really much more informative for employers than a “what do you know how to do?” interview, and more and more hiring managers are using some version of it.  (Here’s a previous post on STAR Interviews.)

What do you need to know?

1)  Have stories or examples ready that explain your skills/performance in many different situations. What happened when you had an unhappy customer?  How have you increased sales?  How did you deal with _____________?  Here’s a link to sample behavioral interview questions.

2)  Quantify your examples whenever possible. You increased sales by how much?  You were responsible for bringing in _______ dollars in revenue.  You saved the company _______ dollars by doing/changing/introducing _________________.   Salespeople (in all areas of medical sales, pharmaceutical sales, laboratory sales, clinical diagnostics sales, DNA products sales, biotechnology sales, imaging sales, pathology sales, or medical supplies and equipment sales) are good at having these numbers at hand, but people in marketing, tech support or service areas in healthcare will need to work harder.