Writing a 30-60-90-Day Sales Plan? Use the 80/20 Rule

80-20 Rule for 30-60-90-Day Sales PlansAre you familiar with the 80/20-Rule? 

It comes from an Italian economist named Pareto who long ago noticed that 80% of the wealth in Italy was held by 20% of the people.  Joseph Juran took Pareto’s Principle, successfully applied it to quality management, and named it the 80/20 Rule.

This is a universal productivity principle that can be applied / interpreted any number of ways: 

  • 80% of sales come from 20% of customers
  • 20% of the people do 80% of the work
  • 20% of your actions produce 80% of your results  

Knowing this principle and how it works helps you prioritize  your time and tasks. You’ll know what’s most significant, so you can plan to spend most of your time there–and become much more productive and effective in your role. 

But don’t just use the 80/20 Rule in your job–use it when you are writing your 30/60/90-day sales plan for your medical sales interview. 

Remember, a 30/60/90-day plan is your outline of what you will do to be successful in your first 3 months on the job.  When you create the outline, you are already deciding on tasks and priorities. Think about these in terms of the 80/20 Rule:

When you plan for the training and the educational activities for your first 30 days, what’s going to bring you the most benefit? 

When you start taking more action steps in the first 60 days, what actions are going to be the most productive?  

When you go out on your own in the 90-day part, what can you do to that will have the most positive impact for the company?

Thinking about it this way will allow you to create a better, stronger plan for success.

Read more about how to create a 30 60 90 Day Sales Plan for your sales job interview.


How a 306090 Interview Plan Got Me the Sales Job!

Sales-Job-Interview (2)I wanted to share this with you–this job seeker used a 306090 Day Interview Plan and got the sales job on the spot.  They didn’t even interview the other candidate.

Peggy, these are the kind of emails you love! Just last weekend, I bought your 30-60-90 Day Sales Plan for an upcoming interview this past week. I appreciate your encouragement, assistance, tips and template. The sales position was down to two final candidates. I was the first to interview.

For the interview, I was to make a presentation, present a 90 day sales plan, and have a sales call scripted out. I was pretty set on the presentation and sales script, but I was a little nervous about the 90 Day sales plan. I found your site online, and was convinced it was going to help me.

Well, Peggy, it more than worked! They were so blown away by the interview, the 90 day sales plan and the vision I demonstrated, they made me an offer right there on the spot. They didn’t even interview the second finalist.

The CEO said, “This is the exact vision and energy I want for my company.”

I don’t think I would have made the impression that I did, if it wasn’t for your guidance.

Thank you again for our brief, but very effective encounter!

Wes R.

If you want to make an impression like this and get the job in your next sales job interview, get my 30-60-90-Day Sales Plan now.

‘I Got a Job Offer in 24 Hours Thanks to a 30 60 90 Day Sales Plan’

Can a 30-60-90-Day Sales Plan make YOUR interview amazing and get you a job offer in 24 hours? You bet. See what it did for Jeanne:

Hello Peggy! I just wanted to let you know my results from using your 30 60 90 day sales plan. [Prior to purchasing your plan, my face-to-face] interview went great! As we wrapped up [the hiring manager] said, “We are going to have another interview and I want you to be able to tell me in our next meeting how you plan on tackling this job.” I put together my 30 60 90 day sales plan. At my next interview, when the hiring manager asked if I had given any thought as to how I would tackle the job and when I responded with, “Well, yes I have. I have prepared a 90 day plan that I would love to share with you.” The look on his face was priceless!! He was not expecting this, Peggy. The interview went amazing. I was offered the job within 24 hours. — Jeanne

Look at what Jeanne is teaching us here: Most people would have thought about how they planned to tackle the job, and maybe have formulated an answer before they went to the interview. Jeanne took it up a notch with her 90-day plan and became the star candidate. The 30 60 90-Day Plan is the something ‘extra’ that can absolutely make you stand out and make the company very eager to hire you.

Do not go to another interview without a 30 60 90 Day Plan. It’s too risky. Pull out all the stops and knock their socks off. That’s when you walk away with the job offer.

Medical sales interviews are more competitive than ever. If you want the job, you must bring a 30-60-90-Day Sales Plan. Find out more and get your 30 60 90 Day Sales Plan right now.

Medical Sales Job Interviews – Why 30-60-90-Day Plans Are So Powerful

Medical sales is an extremely competitive field, and it’s difficult for job seekers to stand out.  The very best way I know of to stand out in your medical sales job interviews and be the top candidate and get the offer is to bring a 30-60-90-day plan.  That advice is based on my own personal experience, and my experience as a recruiter, sending hundreds upon hundreds of my own candidates to interviews.  This is what causes success.

In the video below, I’ll tell you why 30-60-90-Day Plans are so powerful, and why you need one for your next job interview.

Click on the video to watch.

For more information about 30-60-90-Day Plans, or to get a plan for yourself, click here:  30-60-90-Day Sales Plan.

A Medical Sales Interview Must-Do: 30-60-90-Day Plan

When I send my candidates into job interviews, I insist that they bring a 30-60-90-Day Sales Plan…because then they are more likely to get the job. It’s been proven over and over again.

Discussing your plan for success with that medical sales manager psychologically puts him on your team and makes him more likely to hire you.

In the video below, I talk more about what a 30-60-90-Day Sales Plan does to help you get the job.

So…you must have one and you can put one together yourself…or get a template to create a 90-day plan for sales jobs here.

30-60-90-Day Plans for Medical Sales Jobs

Most sales reps are familiar with 30-60-90-Day Sales Plans, but unbelievably, not all of them bring one to their job interviews.  As a medical sales recruiter, I push all my candidates to create a 30-60-90-day plan for each job interview, and that’s one of the reasons my candidates are so consistently successful.  In candidate comparisons, the one with the plan always wins.  You have a lot to prove in the interview, and a well-written plan will help you do it.  It’s part of the whole process of marketing yourself.

In the video below, I’ll tell you more about why 30-60-90-day sales plans are such a natural fit for medical sales jobs.


Get a proven 30-60-90-day sales plan here.

30/60/90-Day Plan for Medical Sales Job Interview Success!

Recently, I had a conversation with a strong, articulate medical sales candidate who was still struggling with the interview process.  He thought the interviews were going well, but he wasn’t making the cut and he didn’t understand why. After some questioning to pinpoint the problem, I discovered that he wasn’t bringing a 30/60/90-day plan.

A 30/60/90-day plan is a written outline of what you intend to do during the first 3 months on the job:  training, learning your market/territory, and going after new sales.  It’s an incredibly powerful tool in a medical sales interview because it provides some evidence for the hiring manager that you understand the job, you know what it takes to succeed, and you won’t pose a risk to his own continued employment.  It doesn’t matter whether that manager is in laboratory sales, medical device sales, surgical sales, or medical software sales…he wants to know that you will be able to hit the ground running and produce results as a member of his sales team.

Some candidates are uncomfortable with the idea of using one because

(1)  What if they make a mistake with it or it’s not complete?  Will it kick them out of the process?

(2)  What if the hiring manager doesn’t want to see the plan?

(3)  What if there’s no opportunity to present it?

In this video, Peggy will show you why that thinking is faulty and exactly what to say in the interview to overcome all of these obstacles and successfully present the plan to the hiring manager.  In the end, you’ll understand why bringing a 30/60/90-day plan is right for every interview–and you’ll never go into another medical sales interview without it.



Learn to write the 30/60/90-day plan that is proven to knock the socks off any medical sales hiring manager here:  30/60/90-Day Sales Plan

Is It Possible to Create a 30/60/90-Day Plan For Your Medical Sales Job Interview In Less Than 2 Hours?

A 30/60/90-day plan is a detailed outline of what you intend to do on the job in your first 3 months as an employee.  It’s an overall strategy for success laid out in a step-by-step fashion that is specific to that company and that job.   Although these plans are great for any job interview, they are especially effective in medical sales, pharmaceutical sales, medical device sales, laboratory sales, or other health care sales jobs.  The more specific your plan is to the company, the better off you are, because you want the hiring manager to be able to visualize you working for him and being successful in the job.

As you might guess, it’s not easy to just whip one of these up in a hurry.

You probably won’t be able to create a plan in less than two hours on your own, but it’s entirely possible if you have some assistance in the  form of coaching or a template.  With a template, you don’t have to worry about the formatting or the steps.  With coaching, you get some help with how to think about it, and where to go for resources, and what your overall focus should be.

Everything you need (templates, samples, and video coaching) is available at Career Confidential in the form of a 30/60/90-Day Plan for Sales Jobs and a separate 30/60/90-Day Action Plan that was created especially for non-sales jobs.  Once you see what a good plan looks like, you can fill in the blanks with the specific information on the company that shows you’ve done your homework and you’ll be able to make a powerful impression in the interview.

Even though these plans are impressive on their own, they’re also impressive because the work that goes into them shows your energy, drive, and commitment.  Most candidates won’t go to this much trouble before they even get the job—which is one more thing that puts you at the head of the pack.

If you want a plan that’s proven to get the job offer, you can get it here:  30/60/90-Day Sales Plan

Do Recruiters Help You Put Together Your 30/60/90-Day Plan?

The short answer is yes.  A recruiter can and will absolutely help you put together a 30/60/90-day plan, especially an external recruiter whose paycheck depends on you getting the job.

The longer answer is also yes, but you have to do your part in making sure that happens.  A good medical sales recruiter will point you in the right direction for your research on the company.  But you also have to ask the right questions to get the recruiter to share with you what they believe and know about the company and the job.

What are some basic things you need to know to create a killer 30/60/90-day plan?

  • What’s the greatest challenge for the position?
  • Why is the position open?
  • What has to happen for the role to be successful?
  • Who has been hired for this position before?
  • What made them successful at it (or not)?

These concepts are huge.  They are going to help you think strategically about the role and create a plan of attack that will ultimately result in your success.  And the candidate who asks them will make a very favorable impression on the recruiter.

A good recruiter will also be able to point you to essential resources to help you.  Not just a home webpage address, but possibly a summary of the company, white papers on company products or services, or more.  (But don’t forget the company’s LinkedIn page.  That’s a tremendous resource, also.)

Even better, a smart candidate will have the recruiter review and critique the plan before it’s presented in the interview.  The input you get could in fact be what makes you superior to all other candidates and get you the job offer.

Check out this free webinar to give you more insight into landing the medical sales job you want:

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When Is the Best Time To Present the 30/60/90-Day Plan?

The best time to present your 30/60/90-day plan is in your first face-to-face interview.  In this difficult economy, many well-qualified people are applying for the same medical sales jobs that you are, so you’re going to want to come out of the gate strong.  Don’t bother trying to bring it up during your phone interview—I don’t think you can present it well over the phone.  I do think that you can email it to the hiring manager if you are trying to get the hiring manager’s attention and you’ve exhausted your other methods.

So, the optimum time to present your 30/60/90 is during your interview, when the hiring manager asks you something like:

  • “What will you do during X amount of time?”
  • “How do you think you will tackle this problem?”
  • “How do you think you will be strategic in this job?”
  • “Why do you think you’re a good fit for this job?”
  • “How can you overcome this challenge?”
  • “What will you do to educate yourself on this particular problem?”
  • “How will you attack this particular problem?”
  • “How will you decide which accounts to go see first?”  (if you’re in sales)
  • “How will you decide which problems to prioritize?”  (if you’re in a management or operations role)
  • “How will you work to make sure you provide the creative pieces that will make you successful in this role?”  (if you’re in a creative position)

Basically, you’re presenting the plan when the hiring manager gives you an opportunity to talk about how you’ll go about this job—because the 30/60/90-day plan is a forward-looking document that outlines what you will do in the first 90 days after you’re hired.  Why is this so great?  Because it allows you to highlight your experience and understanding of the job in a much greater way than you will be able to by just answering interview questions.  It helps the hiring manager to “see” you in the job by giving him a clear picture of what life will look like after you’re hired.  It works for experienced candidates, it works for rookies, and it will work for you.

If you want a plan that’s proven, you can get it here:  30/60/90-Day Sales Plan

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