Medical Sales Interviews – How to Answer Questions About Job-Hopping

If you’ve had one too many sales roles in the last few years, your interviewer may question you about them. How will you explain your situation?

Watch the video below for a great way to answer this difficult interview question.

For more details, including the best and worst interview answers to this question, see my blog article, How to Answer Interview Questions Q98.

This is part of a great series, How to Answer Interview Questions – 101 Tough Job Interview Questions and Answers. Check it out!

Writing a 30-60-90-Day Sales Plan? Use the 80/20 Rule

80-20 Rule for 30-60-90-Day Sales PlansAre you familiar with the 80/20-Rule? 

It comes from an Italian economist named Pareto who long ago noticed that 80% of the wealth in Italy was held by 20% of the people.  Joseph Juran took Pareto’s Principle, successfully applied it to quality management, and named it the 80/20 Rule.

This is a universal productivity principle that can be applied / interpreted any number of ways: 

  • 80% of sales come from 20% of customers
  • 20% of the people do 80% of the work
  • 20% of your actions produce 80% of your results  

Knowing this principle and how it works helps you prioritize  your time and tasks. You’ll know what’s most significant, so you can plan to spend most of your time there–and become much more productive and effective in your role. 

But don’t just use the 80/20 Rule in your job–use it when you are writing your 30/60/90-day sales plan for your medical sales interview. 

Remember, a 30/60/90-day plan is your outline of what you will do to be successful in your first 3 months on the job.  When you create the outline, you are already deciding on tasks and priorities. Think about these in terms of the 80/20 Rule:

When you plan for the training and the educational activities for your first 30 days, what’s going to bring you the most benefit? 

When you start taking more action steps in the first 60 days, what actions are going to be the most productive?  

When you go out on your own in the 90-day part, what can you do to that will have the most positive impact for the company?

Thinking about it this way will allow you to create a better, stronger plan for success.

Read more about how to create a 30 60 90 Day Sales Plan for your sales job interview.


Medical Sales Interview Tips: 4 Ways to Get the Job Offer!

Watch this 3-minute video…I am re-posting it (from a couple years ago) because it’s so good that everyone in a medical sales job search needs to see it.

You’ll see 4 ways people have gotten job offers with especially impressive interview techniques. These are things I’ve seen as a recruiter that I wanted to share with you.

Since many healthcare companies have cut back on #s of sales reps, competition for these great jobs is stronger than ever. I encourage you to borrow any or all of these tips to gain a big edge in the interview.

Find out more about how to use these interview techniques:

If you need personalized coaching, see my Job Search, Interview, and Career Coaching page.

Best of luck!

Amazon – How to Answer Interview Questions for Medical Sales Jobs

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Medical Sales Interview Coach

Medical Sales Interview Coach

Kraig McKee –  Medical Sales Interview Coach

Medical sales job interviews are complex and fiercely competitive–to make sure YOU win, hire a medical sales interview coach.

Kraig McKee  

Kraig McKee is the expert you need in your corner. Not only has he been a medical sales recruiter, he has worked at high levels in the medical sales arena and has hired sales reps–which means that he knows exactly what medical sales hiring managers are looking for and he can share those secrets with you.

Kraig has been Director of Sales at Ventana, Vice President of Sales at Transgenomic, and Sales Director at Chiron Diagnostics. (See Kraig McKee’s LinkedIn profile.)  His product experiences include clinical chemistry, special chemistry, histology, immunohistochemistry, electrophoresis, immunoassay, HPLC, microarray, MA and DNA separation and purification. Also see Kraig’s articles on sales and sales management.

Wherever you’d like your next medical sales role to be–medical devices, clinical diagnostics, biotech, laboratory, hospital, surgical, pharmaceutical–Kraig is the coach who can get you there.

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