How to Get a Medical Device Sales Job

medicaldevicesAre you searching for a medical device sales job? Read Brian’s story of how he got a medical device sales job in just a little over 2 months (after a downsizing):

Dear Peggy,
Quick Story: I lost my job (down sized) in [date removed]. Even though I got several face-to-face interviews almost immediately, I didn’t seem to connect with the hiring manager. I started using Career Confidential in August and getting on the [Free Training] Webinar calls. I asked questions and you answered them on the calls. I followed your advice on many things, especially about LinkedIn and going around recruiters [and hiring managers]. I worked at making connections on LinkedIn and I talked to hiring managers directly. This upset some recruiters at first, but when they saw how driven I was they helped me.
I start a fantastic job this Monday with a salary 20% higher (I negotiated) than they first offered. So this will probably be my final Webinar call. But I leave with a almost 1000 LinkedIn connections, a better resume, a Medical Device position in my specialty that I really like. I [also] have confidence that if I get downsized or my company goes bankrupt, I know where to get the tools and the attitude to quickly find a great position.
Thank you,
Brian J

Here’s how Brian got his medical devices sales position so quickly:

  1. He saw that what he was doing in his interviews wasn’t getting him hired, so he beefed up his job search and interview skills by attending several Career Confidential Training Webinars.
  2. He actively worked at making more connections on LinkedIn to expand his network.
    (Connect with me today–I have lots of recruiters in my network: Connect with Peggy McKee on LinkedIn)
  3. He upgraded his resume so that it marketed him to medical sales managers.
  4. He aggressively went after medical sales hiring managers to speak with them directly about jobs.

He even negotiated a 20% higher salary from the initial offer (see how easily you can do this, too, in this fantastic webinar with Jack Chapman on Salary Negotiation).

If you are new to medical sales, I would encourage you to see this: How to Break Into Medical Sales.


Articles Needed on Medical Sales, Management, and Marketing

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If you are actively working in medical sales, some insightful commentary from you about the field could help establish you as a Subject Matter Expert and contribute to your career advancement.

General info on medical sales, management, or marketing would be fantastic, as well as niche articles on medical devices, pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostics, laboratory sales, imaging, medical software, or healthcare IT, to name a few.

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Biotech Sales Jobs – High Salaries, Perks, and Great Benefits

September 3, 2015 · Posted in HealthCare Sales, HealthCare Sales Jobs, Medical Sales, Medical Sales Job Search, Medical Sales Recruiting, Medical Sales Recruitment, Medical Sales Salary · Comments Off on Biotech Sales Jobs – High Salaries, Perks, and Great Benefits 

biotechOverall, medical sales is a great area to be in–but biotech sales in particular is one of the best.

MedReps has a great article on biotech jobs–

  • what salary you can expect in a small, medium, or large company
  • what perks typically come with the job (cars, expense accounts and more)
  • what benefits draw and keep people in biotech sales

Check it out for yourself: Perks of Biotech Sales Jobs–Travel, Benefits, Cars, and More

Perks of Biotech Sales Jobs – Travel, Benefits, Cars, & More – See more at:
Perks of Biotech Sales Jobs – Travel, Benefits, Cars, & More – See more at:

If you are new to medical sales check out my How to Get Into Medical Sales system.

If you are interviewing for a biotech sales job, make sure you get it by bringing a 30-60-90-Day Sales Plan to your interview.