In a Medical Sales Job Search? Consider Hiring a Career Coach

peggy-redshirt158X210Question:  What can a career coach do for you?
Answer:  Get you HIRED—even in the face of big obstacles

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I wanted to share with you a few stories of the huge rewards others have experienced from using a career coach (me):

  • An executive told his wife to get ready for cutbacks, because he’d been searching for months and it looked like he would have to take a pay cut to get hired.  Within 24 hours of taking my advice, he found a great job at a $7B company within minutes of his house.  He didn’t even know the company was there!  His offer was equal to what he made before. 
  • A tremendously talented woman could not get past the first interview with any company.  Her confidence was taking a beating.  Just a few minutes into our conversation, I realized she was saying things in the interview that made her seem weak.  I showed her how to speak from a position of strength, and she got a wonderful job offer in her next interview.
  • One COO wasn’t using his network effectively—I had him send one simple email out to 600 people on his list and he got 50 responses with viable options.  He was THRILLED.

How can I coach YOU to success?  

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