Motivation Quotes for Your Success [New App]

Motivation-AppWe’ve launched an awesome new app: Motivation Quotes for Your Success

This is a perfect app to help you stay motivated in your job search, but it will also take you beyond the job hunt. It has quotes to motivate and inspire you in everything you do for an entire year.

Here’s the description:

Motivation Quotes for Your Success (for Android) is your source for beautiful quotes from leaders who will inspire you to greatness. This app offers 365 different inspirational quotes – one for each day of the year!

Get inspired with positive motivation for your success every day!

Move forward, overcome obstacles, reach your goals, and find success. Whatever your situation or circumstance is, the exact motivation you need is at your fingertips! You can even inspire others by easily sharing these motivational quotes with just a few taps.

Motivation-App-Screen-Shot-21 – FIND YOUR INSPIRATION Whatever kind of inspiration or motivation you need, you can find it here:

Motivational Quotes for Work • Inspirational Quotes for Your Job Search • Life Quotes • Famous Motivational Quotes • Funny Motivational Quotes • Motivational Sports Quotes for Athletes • Motivational Sayings

2 – CHOOSE A MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE ON THE TOPIC MOST IMPORTANT TO YOUR LIFE It’s easy to choose a motivational quote on the topic you want:

Power • Serenity • Success • Happiness • Love • Overcoming Adversity • Inspiration • Positive Thinking • Wisdom • Job Search • Career • Taking Risks • Leadership •Fun • Friendship • Family • Change • Motivation

Motivation-App-Screen-Shot-33 – CHOOSE A BEAUTIFUL BACKGROUND TO HIGHLIGHT YOUR INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE Pair your inspirational quote with a beautiful background of your choice from a variety of categories:

Animals • Holidays • Textures • Nature • Landscapes • Design • Sports • Ocean • Weather • More

4 – INSPIRE YOURSELF AND OTHERS Inspire yourself and others by displaying your customized motivational quote on:

Facebook • SMS • Instagram • Twitter • Google +

Motivation-App-Screen-Shot-4MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES FROM THE THINKERS AND LEADERS YOU VALUE These quotes come from the most inspirational, motivational, thought-provoking leaders of all time:

Albert Einstein • Aristotle • Confucius • Mark Twain • Maya Angelou • Oscar Wilde • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. • Audrey Hepburn • John F. Kennedy • Winston Churchill • Dalai Lama • Buddha • Napoleon Hill • Brian Tracy • Zig Ziglar • Benjamin Franklin • Vince Lombardi • Wade Boggs • Muhammad Ali • Yoda • Dr. Seuss • and hundreds more

THIS APP IS A ‘MUST-HAVE’ FOR YOU and for teachers, coaches, trainers, leaders, parents, athletes, job seekers, and anyone who wants to be more successful in life and career.

DOWNLOAD THIS APP NOW and motivate yourself today.

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