How to Get Into Medical Device Sales

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Caucasian blond businesswoman in suit on white isolated backgrouMedical device sales is one of the highest-paid (see medical sales salaries), highest-prestige sales categories.  This means that competition for these jobs are fierce.  Does it mean you can’t get into medical devices from some other field?  Of course not.  You absolutely can…if you know these 4 things:

1.  Be sure you understand the medical device sales process and cycle.

First, you have to understand the job–read career overviews of medical device sales, and study the typical sales process.  Go to your network and LinkedIn to find people in medical devices to ask for coffee or lunch and ask a few questions (informational interview).  Go back to your network and find someone in medical devices to job shadow for the day, or ride-along with to see what a day in the life of a medical device sales rep is really like.  Figure out how to deal with doctors and surgeons (surgeons are a breed unto their own–be ready).

2.  Have the most current knowledge of what’s going on in the medical devices arena–job market and companies.

Download my list of the Top 100 Medical Companies (it has a section devoted to medical device companies). And look for medical device news:  DeviceSpace is a good source to start with. 

3.  Know what you need to bring to the table.

A medical device sales rep is positioned as the expert on new products and technologies for surgeons, specialists, and executive-level clients in hospital administration, and is often required to be present during procedures in operating rooms.  So not only do you need a scientific background with a strong understanding of mechanical concepts and technology, you’ll need high-level selling skills, high energy, and probably a strong stomach!

If you see that you’re lacking in some area, address it–take classes, read books (SPIN Selling is a great one), or try a field preceptorship (a.k.a. job shadowing or a ride-along) to enhance your knowledge of the job.  Taking this initiative communicates that you are willing to do what it takes to be successful.  (If your problem is a weak stomach, you probably just want to choose another field–maybe healthcare IT.)

4.  Know what it takes to be a stand-out candidate.

  • Find a career coach to hone your skills as a candidate and interviewee.  An objective, experienced career coach can save you a lot of time and frustration in your job search.  Take advantage of it.

There are hundreds of articles on this blog for reading about how to land a job in medical sales, and I encourage you to read them.  The more research you can do into career field you’d like to transition into, the better.  It might not make sense to some people to do that much work before you even get the job, but actually, that’s what’s going to make it more likely that you get the job you want.

Good luck.


Biotech and Biopharma Sales Salary Report 2014

September 3, 2014 · Posted in HealthCare Sales, HealthCare Sales Jobs, Medical Sales, Medical Sales Job Search, Medical Sales Recruiting, Medical Sales Recruitment, Medical Sales Salary · Comments Off on Biotech and Biopharma Sales Salary Report 2014 

Business has released its Biotech Sales Salary Report for 2014.

Biotechnology careers are big.  They include a huge variety of job descriptions, including:  clinical laboratory technologists, biomedical engineers, forensic scientists, medical scientists, biological scientists, and more.  Everything that they use (products, equipment, tests, etc.) has to be understood and sold by biotech sales reps.  This is a lucrative and interesting field with lots of growth potential.

MedReps’ salary report is a great place to start learning about biotech sales careers and whether or not you want to be in this role yourself.

If you are breaking into medical sales, or transitioning to a different area within medical sales, I invite you to come to my free webinar, How to Get Into Medical Sales

In this webinar, I talk about critical things medical sales managers are looking for in candidates, so that you can get interviews and get hired faster, at great companies.

Get more information about the medical sales job webinar here.