‘How To Get Into Medical Sales’ Put Me in the Top 5 of 400 in my Medical Device Sales Job Search

April 22, 2014 · Posted in Medical Sales Recruiting · Comments Off on ‘How To Get Into Medical Sales’ Put Me in the Top 5 of 400 in my Medical Device Sales Job Search 

How to Get Into Medical Sales‘ can give you a wildly successful transition into the medical device arena!  See what it did for Nick, who had a Financial Services background:


Purchasing the ‘How To Get Into Medical Sales” program was one of the greatest job-related help tools that I have made to date. I have purchased other books and resources from other outlets in the past and the value I received from the HTGMS program puts every other system I have ever tried to absolute SHAME.

I come from a Financial Services background and have been wanting to transition into Medical Device Sales for quite sometime now. The problem was that life has a way of easily overwhelming us with so much information coming at us so fast. I would seek out and try to get information in the past on how to make the transition into the Medical Sales field but would get so many different inputs from so many different types of folks that it made the whole process seem way to overwhelming and I literally stayed in a career I did not enjoy for over 5 years! While I was successful with my sales numbers, I was very unhappy with my life and started to lose hope in working in the field I have a passion for (Medical Sales).

This program walked me step-by-step on: what to do in chronological order, when to do it, how to say it, how to write it, how to prepare for executing it and how to systematize myself and my approach in my plans of action.

One week after purchasing the plan I had my first phone interview with one of the largest Medical Device Companies in the world (Stryker). After two phone interview screenings I was directly set up with the Hiring Manager one week later. Out of 400 applicants I was one of FIVE that made it to the face-to=face interview with the Hiring Manager. I beat out candidates that had years of Medical Sales experience. It has been over 5 years since I last applied for a job thus this being the first job application and interview in five years.

I would have NEVER made it to so far into the application process had it not been for the step by step approach this program provided me to follow.

I have four interviews scheduled for next week with other Medical Device Companies and feel I am getting sharper and more confident by the interview. To all of my fellow Career Confidential members that want to get into Medical Sales, this program is not only a ‘should’ buy it type of thing but a ‘buy it IMMEDIATELY!!’ type of thing.

I went from being very fearful and depressed about my job search situation to being very confident, happy and extremely excited about where my career is heading. You can’t put a price tag on that type of mental and emotional change.

– Nick


If you are transitioning into medical sales as a new career, look at what you can learn from Nick here: 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and give up–but you don’t have to!  With the right training, system, and guidance, this can be an easy and exciting transition. 

Nick feels great about his job search, he’s getting interviews with top medical device companies, and he’s beating out other candidates with YEARS of medical sales experience.  

Don’t waste time getting nowhere.  Find out ‘How to Get Into Medical Sales‘ right now.



Rise to the Top 1% of All Medical Sales Job Seekers — and Get Hired Fast

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