VP Operations Executive Career Coach

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Executive Job Coaching Creates Strategies That Make a Winning Difference


Are you an upper-level executive who’s been laid off or asked to resign, is ‘in-between’ positions, or who just needs to make a career change?  This can be a tough spot to be in.  Maybe you can relate to this story….

I recently worked as an executive job coach with a VP of Operations.  He’d gotten laid off because an equity firm had taken over his company.  It was not personal, and no reflection on him or the quality of his work.  But this was so painful an experience for him that he could not discuss it with anyone without literally stuttering–which meant that he definitely could not interview for another job.  He was on emotional overload. 

Because of this difficult situation, he knew he needed some kind of executive life coach or career counselor, so he came to me.  One of the things that I do for clients is to give them a new perspective and new language to describe these kinds of difficult circumstances.   

In less than an hour and a half, we worked through how to explain his past in a positive, confident way…no more stuttering. 

Less than 8 weeks later, he got a job offer with a $180,000 salary to go with it. 

That’s the power of executive career coaching.  It’s specialized expertise to navigate even the toughest circumstances.  It’s fast, powerful, productive, and profitable.

If you are in a job search (or even just going for the promotion) and think you might benefit from an executive career coach or business coach, check out my career coaching information page to see what we can do for you =>  Executive Career Coaching