Executive War College 2013 Trip

What did you do last week?  I was in New Orleans and made a new friend!

So I didn’t go to New Orleans to meet stray reptiles and tour plantations (that was fun, too)…I went to attend the Executive War College 2013.   This year, I facilitated a group of CIOs meeting on current issues (informatics, patient id, emr, etc.).  

I go every year…it’s one of the standout clinical lab events in the world…they’re on the ‘bleeding’ edge of medicine. 🙂

If you are involved in clinical laboratory sales, I hope you were at this event, too.  These gatherings are AMAZING places to make new business contacts and grow your network.

All areas of medical sales have their own key events that sharp sales reps should be at.  But it’s worth noting that if you are trying to transition into a particular medical sales arena, these events are great for you, too.

If you’re trying to break into medical sales, find out what the biggest event is in your field and go to the conference.  You’ll pick up on the latest technology and ideas, the biggest players, and you’ll make some great contacts.

For example…(not that I am recommending any particular conference):

MedCon Medical Device Conference  (FDA / Xavier Med Con 2013)  (medical device sales)

Software Design for Medical Devices  (medical software sales)   

ASME / FDA 2013 – Frontiers in Medical Device Conference

BioTech Conference  and Expo 2013 – TechConnect World (biotechnology sales)

There are tons of these things.  One great place to find more is in your LinkedIn groups. You should be members of groups that are relevant for your industry, or the one you want to be in.  See what conferences the group members are talking about…what they think is important. Go to those conferences.  It will be worth it.

***If you’d like personalized advice and strategies for breaking into medical sales (resume, interviews, selling yourself, as well as networking) think about getting some personal coaching for medical sales

Written by Peggy McKee - the medical sales recruiter
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