How to Answer Interview Questions About Difficult Tasks In Limited Time

Behavioral interview questions try to use your past behavior to predict your future behavior…so you get asked ‘What did you do when…?’ or ‘How did you handle that….?’ or even ‘Describe how you would handle…’ That last one is more of a future question than a past one, but it does get to what your thought process is like. How do you approach problems and look for solutions?

What if they ask you, ‘Describe how you would handle a situation if you were required to finish multiple tasks by the end of the day, and there was no conceivable way that you could finish them.’

In the video below, I will tell you what key skill the hiring manager is hoping to find in you when he or she asks you this interview question. Click on the video to watch.

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Phone Interview Tip – Thank You Note Makes You Stand Out!

If you don’t send thank you notes after your phone interview, you are missing a major opportunity.

In the video below, I will tell you how many people send thank you notes and how yours can help you set yourself apart from the other candidates in a BIG way.

Click the video below to watch.

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Phone Interview Tip – Boost Your Confidence, Have a Better Interview

If you don’t sound like you have confidence in yourself and your ability to perform in this medical sales role, the interviewer won’t have confidence in you, either–and you won’t get the job. If you are new to medical sales, or you are transitioning to an area you haven’t sold in before (say, pharmaceutical to medical device sales or other health care sales category), any underlying doubts you might have could easily slip into your voice and kill your chances of getting to the face to face.

In the video below, I will give you 2 of my best tips for boosting your confidence and ensuring you have a great phone interview. Click the video to watch.

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MedReps Features Tips From The Medical Sales Recruiter!

Shortcuts to a Medical Sales Job Offer

Are you looking for Shortcuts to a Medical Sales Job Offer?

I just had a great conversation with MedReps about what medical sales reps can do to speed up the job search and get a medical sales job faster.

We talked in more detail about my article, the 10 Fastest Ways to Find a Medical Sales Job, and finished up with how medical sales is different from other sales arenas and what that means for your job search.

It’s a great Med Reps article.  Click here to read it.


Phone Interview Tip – Use a ‘Cheat Sheet’

What’s a cheat sheet? It’s just the notes you need in front of you for your interview. Phone interviews offer a big advantage over face-to-face interviews because since they can’t see you, you can have all the notes, or ‘cheat sheets’, that you want.

For a great phone interview, you are going to need MORE than just your resume in front of you!

In the video below, I will tell you what kind of cheat sheets will help you the most. Click the video to watch.

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Executive War College 2013 Trip

What did you do last week?  I was in New Orleans and made a new friend!

So I didn’t go to New Orleans to meet stray reptiles and tour plantations (that was fun, too)…I went to attend the Executive War College 2013.   This year, I facilitated a group of CIOs meeting on current issues (informatics, patient id, emr, etc.).  

I go every year…it’s one of the standout clinical lab events in the world…they’re on the ‘bleeding’ edge of medicine. 🙂

If you are involved in clinical laboratory sales, I hope you were at this event, too.  These gatherings are AMAZING places to make new business contacts and grow your network.

All areas of medical sales have their own key events that sharp sales reps should be at.  But it’s worth noting that if you are trying to transition into a particular medical sales arena, these events are great for you, too.

If you’re trying to break into medical sales, find out what the biggest event is in your field and go to the conference.  You’ll pick up on the latest technology and ideas, the biggest players, and you’ll make some great contacts.

For example…(not that I am recommending any particular conference):

MedCon Medical Device Conference  (FDA / Xavier Med Con 2013)  (medical device sales)

Software Design for Medical Devices  (medical software sales)   

ASME / FDA 2013 – Frontiers in Medical Device Conference

BioTech Conference  and Expo 2013 – TechConnect World (biotechnology sales)

There are tons of these things.  One great place to find more is in your LinkedIn groups. You should be members of groups that are relevant for your industry, or the one you want to be in.  See what conferences the group members are talking about…what they think is important. Go to those conferences.  It will be worth it.

***If you’d like personalized advice and strategies for breaking into medical sales (resume, interviews, selling yourself, as well as networking) think about getting some personal coaching for medical sales

Phone Interview Tip – How To Follow Up After The Call

The purpose of following up after any medical sales interview is to get you to the next step. In a face-to-face interview, that next step is a second interview or a job offer. In a phone interview, the next step is the face-to-face interview. How and when you follow up after the phone interview is critically important to your ultimate success.

In the video below, I will tell you how to follow up after a phone interview:

  • Who you should follow up with (not just the interviewer)
  • When you should follow up (timing is everything)
  • What your note should say (I give you suggestions for wording)
  • How to finish your note so that you have the best chance of continuing the conversation

Click on the video to watch.

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