How to Answer Interview Questions for Medical Sales – Are You Overqualified?

Have you ever been told you seem ‘overqualified’ for the job? Sometimes it’s a badly-disguised age issue, and sometimes it’s a worry on the employer’s part that they won’t be able to pay you enough and you’ll be looking to leave as soon as you find a better opportunity.

In the video below, I’ll tell you how to handle the job interview question, “Are you overqualified?” Click the video to watch.

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Phone Interview Tip – Timing Matters

Your phone interview can be ruined before you even start it–just by WHEN you choose to schedule the call.

In the short video below, I will give you a heads up on what the most common problems are that candidates run into over the timing of their phone interviews.

Click the video to watch.

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How to Answer 20 Tough Medical Sales Job Interview Questions

Medical sales job interviews are tough. Medical sales managers usually have a lot of candidates for one position, so they can (and will) put you through the wringer.  And, your competitors all know how to sell and can sell themselves for the job.

Can you sell yourself better than they can? A lot of it depends on how you answer interview questions.

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I rounded up 20 of the toughest medical sales job interview questions from Career Confidential’s series of How to Answer Interview Questions (101 job interview questions) to help you sell yourself for the job in your medical sales interview. The questions are listed below. Just click and go.

  • How to Answer Interview Questions – Q5 –Describe how you would handle a situation if you were required to finish multiple tasks by the end of the day, and there was no conceivable way that you could finish them.

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