Phone Interview Tip – How To Research The Interviewer

How do you guarantee that you’ll do well enough in the phone interview to get to the face-to-face?  One way is to research your interviewer and find out as much as you can before they start asking you questions.

The more you know about that person and their role in this process, the better you can tailor your answers to interview questions so that they’re especially impressive.

Click the video below to watch and find out:

  • What to say when you are setting up the phone interview
  • What to do before your phone call to find out as much as you can
  • What to ask when they say, “Do you have any questions before we get started?”



If you’d like more information, please read my entire blog post about how to research the interviewer before phone interviews: Phone Interview Tips – #8 It’s part of an entire blog article series of Phone Interview Tips.

Most Medical Sales Resumes Stink– Does Yours?

Does your medical sales resume stink?

The truth is that you can be a silver-tongued, cash-register-ringing, sales MACHINE….and your resume might not show it. How do you know if your resume stinks or not?

That answer is in the ringing of your telephone (or the beeping of your email inbox):

  • If you’re getting contacted about interviews, either by phone or email, your resume is probably fantastic.
  • If you’re only hearing the sad sounds of silence, your resume probably stinks. (Sorry.)

But if it stinks, you are not alone.  Most medical sales resumes do.  Why?  They don’t SELL the sales rep.  They don’t have strong objective statements, they don’t have good bullet points, and they don’t quantify accomplishments as much as they should.

The good news is that stinking resumes are a fixable problem.  You can un-stink your resume with just a little training.  To help you with that, I have put together a FREE, Live Resume Writing Webinar

In this webinar, I go through actual resumes from job seekers to show you the good, the bad, and the stinky.

We will talk about everything–formatting, structure, objective statements, bullet points, references, and much more.  It’s pretty detailed resume training.

When we’re done, you’re going to understand what to do to unstink your resume and start getting those wonderful phone calls and emails offering you interviews for great medical sales jobs.

Register now for the Resume Writing Webinar.