10 Fastest Ways to Find a Medical Sales Job

Finding a medical sales job is a lot like finding new customers–you’ve got to move fast and work smart in order to beat out your competition.  What’s going to get you the most bang for your buck in your medical sales job search?  What’s the fastest way to get a job? 

I pulled the top 10 Fastest Ways to Get a Job from Career Confidential’s Fastest Way to Get a Job Series – 25 Tips for a Super-Fast Job Search.  These are the tips that I thought would apply specifically to you, the medical sales rep.   Some you’ll be familiar with, some you won’t.  They are all worth checking out.  They are listed below.  Each link will take you to a different in-depth article that will give you ideas, suggestions, and examples to help you find the job you want.

  1. Fastest Way to Find a Job -Tip 1Networking:  Learn how your network is bigger than you think it is and how you can best utilize it.
  2. Fastest Way to Find a Job -Tip 2Previous Bosses:  Why your previous boss is a good call to make and what to say to them (even if you’re unsure about the relationship)
  3. Fastest Way to Find a Job -Tip 3LinkedIn:  Be comfortable and work smart on LinkedIn.
  4. Fastest Way to Find a Job -Tip 6Trade Shows:  Best tips for working this surprisingly rich resource.
  5. Fastest Way to Find a Job -Tip 9Companies you’ve interviewed with before:  You probably haven’t considered them, but they’re worth talking to.
  6. Fastest Way to Find a Job -Tip 10Recruiters:  Types of recruiters and how best to work with them.
  7. Fastest Way to Find a Job -Tip 14Job Shadowing:  Why they work, how to get one, and what to do on the big day. 
  8. Fastest Way to Find a Job -Tip 17Newspapers:  Still a worthwhile resource, but not for the reasons you think.
  9. Fastest Way to Find a Job -Tip 19Industry Organizations:  How to take advantage of these very helpful organizations. 
  10. Fastest Way to Find a Job -Tip 21Career Coaching:   How career coaching works and what it can do for you to help you get the job you want.


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Written by Peggy McKee - the medical sales recruiter
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