How to Answer Interview Questions

How to Answer 101 Job Interview Questions

We get questions every week from people who are facing an interview that they’re nervous about or struggling with and who want help for how to answer interview questions.

We looked around on the internet and found that no one else has anything that I thought was as helpful as it could be.  Mostly, I found lots of short, quick answers that don’t tell you why the interviewer asks that question, what they really want to know, how to think about your answer and be strategic about it.  So we decided to do that…plus give you suggestions for how to best answer job interview questions.

So we put together 101 blog articles that support 101 questions that give you the best way to think about the questions and how to form your answer.

Here are a few:

How to Answer Interview Questions – Q7 — Describe yourself to me in one word.

How to Answer Interview Questions – Q41 — Tell me about yourself.

How to Answer Interview Questions – Q72  — What salary are you looking for?

We’ve got them all inter-connected so they are easily searchable.  In other words, you can find every question from each question, no matter where you land.

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What To Do When You’re Over 50 and In a Medical Sales Job Search

If you’re over 50, you can be facing an uphill battle in a medical sales job search.  This is a very competitive field, and the stereotypes that other (younger) medical sales professionals hold about you work against you.  They think you don’t have the energy to keep up, the technical skills to be productive, or the attitude necessary to work well with younger folks.

If these kinds of perceptions are holding you back in your quest to get a medical sales job, Legacy Med Reps has a great article that I want you to see:

3 Myths About Employees Over 50 and How to Overcome Them

It covers the 3 biggest obstacles you face as an “Over 50” medical sales job seeker and what you can do about them.  These are great suggestions to combat those stereotypes and get the job you want.

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