How to Write a Resume That Sells You For the Job

Did you know that you can dramatically improve your resume just by re-wording a few bullet points? 

In one of my coaching calls recently, I spoke with someone about spiffing up his resume.  (I offer individualized coaching…if you’re interested, check it out here:  Career Coaching)

This guy happened to be transitioning from pharmaceutical to medical device, but there are lessons in this for you no matter where you’re coming from or going to in your medical sales career.

He had been making very good money in his previous job….gotten promoted regularly.  He was very, very good.

But if you read his resume, you’d never know it. 

He had no numbers.  He had good bullet points, which I could see because I was taking the time to read over it carefully, but if I’d been in a hurry, I would have missed the significance of them entirely.

So I told him the same story that I want to tell you. 

This story doesn’t have anything to do with medical but it’s how I want you to think about writing your bullet points.  (And EVERY resume needs bullet points.)

I had a client who was a sales rep for a national fitness chain.  One of the bullet points on his resume was:

  • Created an e-Newsletter that resulted in additional clients

Well, that’s nice, but what I wanted to know was:  How many additional clients?

He said, “24 in the first month.”

I was impressed, and asked, “How much did they pay a month?”

He said, “$100.”

I wanted to know, “How many people did you send the newsletter out to?”

He said, “300.”

So I summed it up for him: 

“So you created and developed an E-newsletter that you sent out to 300 people that resulted in 24 additional customers and over $28,000 in revenue for the year in the first mailing.”

(24 people paying $100/month for 12 months)

Now THAT’S a bullet point.

That’s MUCH more impressive, don’t you think?  And more accurate.

It was guaranteed to get him more attention from a sales manager.


Does your resume describe you like that?

Are there any “resulting in” or “with an outcome of”?  Do you have anything in your background that you could describe in a different way that includes those kinds of numbers?

If it doesn’t, you will not get the medical sales job you want.

If it does, you can get almost any medical sales job you want.


You don’t need a resume writer to do it, either. 

All you need to do is follow that same thought process that I asked my fitness dude and ask yourself those same questions.

A resume writer would ask you those same questions to pull that information out of you…and charge you $1000 to do it.

You can do it. 

No one knows you and your skills and your industry as well as you do.

If you really do need help with your resume, I highly recommend that you get Career Confidential’s Extreme Resume Makeover Kit.  It doesn’t write your resume for you.  it shows you how to think about your resume, and how to pull all that information out and put it into a selling document. 

And I personally review the resume of everyone who buys the kit. 

Can’t beat that.

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We did talk about other things on that coaching call… like what to do if his documentation was not as detailed as it needed to be, and what kind of companies he should be looking at in his particular transition situation, and how he presented himself in the interview.  But every coaching call is different.

If your own job search is not going as well as it needs to be, give me a call.

This guy had been at a high level, high salary, lots of promotions, but was struggling in the job search anyway and feeling bad about himself.  Which is just about the craziest thing in the world for someone who had been as successful as he had been.

What he’d been struggling with for months, we turned around in a few hours. 

I’d love to sit down for some personalized coaching with you.

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I just want to encourage you to let nothing hold you back in your job search.

There’s no reason you can’t be as successful as you want to be, as fast as you want to be.