Medical Sales Job Interview Tip: Show the Interviewer You Are Perfect for the Job…Don’t Just Tell Him

Are you perfect for the job? How do you convince the hiring manager? The job search is a sales process, so who’s better at it than sales reps? Especially medical sales reps?
Watch the video for some great medical sales job interview tips that will help you to differentiate yourself from those other candidates.

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How to Get a Job in Medical Sales If You’re a Military Vet or Spouse

I just got an email from a military spouse wanting advice on how to get the attention of medical device sales managers.  She’s had trouble building a solid performance history because of her frequent moves.  Here’s her email (details changed and/or omitted to protect her identity) and my best tips for transitioning into medical sales follow:

Dear Peggy,

Thank you for all of the videos you have posted on YouTube. They have been valuable tools in my search for a job in medical device sales. As the wife of a Marine, I have had a difficult time building a resume full of numbers and quotas. I have no doubt that I can meet and exceed sales goals. I just need to remove doubts from recruiters’/employers’ minds. Do you have any advice on how I can better market myself?

My short story:

  • Wife of a Marine who is transitioning out of the military in the next 60 days and moving to the _______ region
  • B.S. in Business Admin. and Marketing, GPA (great #s),Dean’s list 3 yrs in a row (graduated in 3yrs)
  • TX Real Estate Broker and Bus. Developer Oct. 20XX-July 20XX
  • Recently completed Anatomy & Physiology I&II and Medical Terminology and now work as a physical therapy technician
  • Interested in opportunities at Stryker, Roche Diagnostics, Cook Medical, and Eli Lilly

Thank you for your time. Your inbox likely is inundated with similar questions, so I know your time is valuable. I hope to hear from you soon!

(First, let me say:  great email…short, to the point, and respectful.  If you’re asking someone for help, this is the way to do it.)

Now for my advice:

Look for folks on LinkedIn (or Twitter, Facebook, or Google+) at the companies you’re interested in with Marine in their background.  They will be more receptive to you.

It’s always better to contact the hiring manager directly in any job search, and if you can dig up some way that you connect with them or have something in common, use it.

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Add This Google+ Circle of Recruiters To Your Job Search Network

Google+ is the newest kid on the social media block, but it’s a popular one.  If you’re not familiar with it yet, read about the major features of Google Plus.

Signing up is easy, and normal social media guidelines apply here, too:  be professional, post a great photo, participate in discussions.  Check out these fun graphics that show Google vs. Facebook.  And read this helpful article about how Google+ affects your job search.

When you get established, or if you’re there already, I’d like to share a circle of recruiters with you.

Recruiters are always a very valuable ally to have in your job search.  They know where jobs are that aren’t posted anywhere else.  So, connect with them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter, friend them on Facebook, and add them to your Google Plus circles.  They should be a strong part of your strategy to crack the hidden job market.

Your task for today is:  find me on Google+, scroll down to my post offering to share this circle, and click “Add circle.”  That’s all there is to it.

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Phone Interview Thank You Notes for Medical Sales Jobs

Medical sales phone interviews are a huge factor in whether you move to the next step.  You’re facing a lot of competition, and the round of phone interviews helps them weed people out to narrow the search.  It’s important to be strategic in your phone and face-to-face interviews, and it’s important to follow up well.

Watch the video below to find out what you should say in your interview thank you note (always sent in email form) and when you should send it–plus, I’ll give you one of my best tips for impressing hiring managers in your interview thank you email.

These tips for interview thank you notes are good for phone interviews and face-to-face interviews to help you stand out as the top medical sales candidate.  And then see these typical phone interview questions for medical sales jobs.