11 Top Laboratory and Clinical Diagnostics Companies for Medical Sales Jobs

Lab sales are great (that’s what I was in–I have a background in Chemistry).  If you’re looking for a lab sales or clinical sales job, start by checking out some of the biggest names in the business right here.  They are in no particular order.

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Owns Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics which provides chemistry and immunodiagnostic products.


Abbott is big.  90,000employees world wide, $38 Billion in revenue.  Pharmaceuticals (anesthesia, cardiovascular, immunology, metabolics, neuroscience, oncology, etc.), diabetes care, and much more.


Laboratory products and services (reagents, consumables, software, equipment, etc.) and analytical technologies (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, research, etc.).  Around 37,000 employees and sales over $10 Billion.  Number 71 on Forbes Most Innovative Companies list.


Diagnostic imaging, clinical care (molecular imaging, oncology, rheumatology, etc.), clinical systems (diagnostic ECG, anesthesia delivery, etc.), Bioprocess, Healthcare IT….there’s just so much that this gigantic company does, you’ve got to check it out for yourself.


In-vitro diagnostics, diabetes care, point-of-care testing, fertility testing—a big portfolio of diagnostic tools for many diseases.


Biotechnology leader.  The headquarters for all Roche pharmaceutical operations in the U.S.  (BioOncology, immunology, opthalmology, metabolism, virology, and more.)  On Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For list.


Laboratory diagnostics, clinical (cardiovascular, radiology, surgery, etc.), MRI, Imaging IT, and more.


Great company.  Sells in autoimmune, blood virus, diabetes testing, immunohematology, microbiology, chromatography, microarray, and so much more.


Vaccines (5th largest manufacturer and 2nd largest supplier of flu vaccines in the U.S.), diagnostics (assays for blood screening, and more).


Biological testing technologies in life science and diagnostic industries.  Multiplex solutions for proteins and nucleic acids, assays, reagents/microspheres, and more.


Biotechnology firm sells molecular diagnostics/testing (Nucleic Acid Tests) to laboratories for infectious diseases, genetic diseases, transfusions, and transplants.


Are there any especially great companies that you think should be on the list?

(PS – BioSpace has a giant list of company profiles if you’re looking for smaller companies, too.)

Written by Peggy McKee - the medical sales recruiter
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