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Happy Holidays from PHC Consulting!

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Wishing you all best this holiday season!
–Peggy McKee, the Medical Sales Recruiter

Reach Your Medical Sales and Job Search Goals With Visualization

What are your goals for 2012?  To be the top performing medical device rep in your company?  To land the medical sales job you want? 

A big part of how I achieve my goals (when I was a laboratory sales rep and now as a medical sales recruiting business owner) is that I actively visualize my success–what it will look and feel like when I reach my goals. 

Here is a great article about effective visualization techniques that will help you achieve more success–not just in your professional goals, but in your life:

Effective Visualization– How To Use The Subconscious & Law Of Attraction To Materialize Our Dreams

By Kurt DuNard, The Exceptional Life Coach

The secret is that you have an amazing power within yourself that can bring about miraculous outcomes. The power that you have has been known to cure incurable diseases, build billion dollar companies, create magnificent symphonies, paint masterpieces and build fantastic loving families. The light switch that turns on this power is called visualization. Anyone that has created anything worthwhile in their lives used visualization whether consciously or unconsciously. The ones that systematically use visualization consciously have created amazing success. We all know who they are. They are Olympic athletes, the super rich, star entertainers, top salespeople, and almost anyone you can think of whom you believe has created an exceptional life. Visualization is such a powerful tool that it pays to practice and increase our visualization skills. Here’s how.

Why Visualization Works

    • It puts the subconscious on notice by saying “Here are my dreams—help me achieve them.” The subconscious then sends creative ideas and amazing inspirations.
    • There is a place in the brain that is called the Reticulated Activating System (RAS). You might tell your subconscious that you would like a blue Lexus LS 430 and all of a sudden you start seeing these cars everywhere. The RAS has been activated and you are noticing lots of beautiful blue cars. Visualization causes you to notice. Before you were blind and now you notice.
    • Here is the spooky part. Visualization, like prayer, activates the law of attraction. In totally unexplained, accidental, coincidental ways you attract the right people, the right situations, and the right resources. You are living a charmed life. Most successful people will tell you that they worked hard but they also were very fortunate. You can also be fortunate.
    • Visualization creates enthusiasm, excitement, and joy because your subconscious starts believing that your dreams are coming true. Enthusiasm, excitement, and joy are the fuel that is needed to emotionally make it OK to take action to achieve our dreams. You believe that success is yours for the taking and so you are enthused and take action. If diamonds are in the road, you must take action to pick them up and you are enthusiastically picking them up. There must be action—pick them up.


Start Where You Are

Visualization should be a fun relaxing exercise. Visualizing your dreams should never be a chore, a have to, or routine. It should always inspire emotions of happiness and peace.

If you think you are new to visualization, you are mistaken. You have visualized all your life, you were just not conscious of your practice. What may be new is that you have decided to become better at the practice and to be a conscious guide to your visualizations. You have decided to consciously tap into your power. You can only succeed. Follow these few simple rules.

    • Visualize what you want. Make them positive visualizations.
    • Avoid visualizing disaster or what you don’t want. Avoid negative visualizations.
    • Visualize living your dreams now in the present tense and how you feel.
    • Use lots of emotions and all the five senses if you can. It is important that your subconscious believes this is real.
    • Do balanced visualizations to create a balanced life. Visualize health, prosperity, family, friends, job, spiritual, wisdom, creativity, etc.
    • Visualize every day in the morning and just before going to bed. The more you visualize, the more you will look forward to it and the more you will notice positive changes in your life as a result.


Priming the Visualization Pump

The real power to change our lives comes through visualization; however, there are other practices that can help us augment the subconscious other than visualization. These practices can be done through the day or just before a visualization session.


    • Use pictures to help you visualize

Find pictures that make you emotionally excited, that represent goals, and aspirations. They could be the perfect house, you at the perfect weight with your picture Photoshoped onto another body, or it could show laughing friends and children. The pictures are more powerful, when you are in the picture. When you test drive your favorite car, have a picture taken of you with the car and another picture that you have taken from behind the wheel. Have a picture for all your dreams and goals. Make sure your goals are balanced in all areas of your life. Otherwise, you could have a great career with a sadly neglected family. Jack Canfield talks about how he took a $1.00 bill and then wrote six zero’s behind the “1” to make it a million dollar bill. He then put that “$1,000,000 bill” above his bed so he would see it every morning. That representation of a million dollars soon materialized in Jack’s life.


    • Written Goals on 3 X 5 Cards

Put each goal on one side of the card. You could make it even better if you put a picture on the other side representing the goal. Morning and night, look at each card and visualize how you feel having accomplished this goal in the present moment—not the future.


    • Convert Your Goals to Affirmations and Memorize Those Affirmations

These affirmations are a statement of how you feel having accomplished the goal. It is a verbal visualization.

I feel fantastic, full of energy, and always ready for action now that I weigh 150 pounds.

Because you repeat these affirmations so frequently, they almost become a mantra that can be used to still the mind during meditation and visualization. To be effective, however, they must be done with thought and never as a thoughtless chant.


    • Get Ready For Success Because You Know it is Here

If you don’t prepare for success, then you don’t believe in success and even if it came you would not be ready. Part of making it happen is to assume all of these ideas work and you must get ready. Buy the new wardrobe for the new job. Learn Italian for your dream vacation to Italy. Move to where you want to live even if everything is not perfect right now. We must have an unwavering faith that everything is going to go our way or maybe even better. That faith is what convinces the law of attraction to go into overdrive.

Example of a Simple Visualization Session

You get very relaxed and sit down in your favorite chair that you use every morning. It is quiet and you have learned to love this time of day. You get out your power pictures that help your visualize. You go through them and get more and more positive. Then you go through your index cards and look at all your goals. You are starting to get ready for visualization. Now you relax, with both feet flat on the ground and both hands resting lightly on the chair arm or on your legs. You close your eyes and slowly you say your affirmations.

Legend has it that Bill Gates, Paul Allen and many Silicone Valley entrepreneurs were influenced by the book The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel. Here is a series of affirmations he talks about.

I am whole,






And Happy.

You say your affirmations to yourself at least three times. As other thoughts outside of your visualization invade your mind, you come back to saying your affirmations. Now you are in the right frame of mind for effective visualization. You start imagining your life as you live your dreams in the now. You imagine perfect health and what that means to you. You imagine perfect friendships and how they interact with you in your home. You imagine your career working with the kind of people you love and how every day you are being recognized and appreciated for your excellent work. You imagine going to those wonderful places you have only dreamed of—now you are there. Your clothes, the food you eat, where you live, everything is in living color and you can smell the ocean breeze as you sail in your yacht. Everyday as you do your visualizations, the images, the inspirations and faith will become stronger and stronger. One day you will come to a clear realization that you are living what you lived in your visualization only two years ago. It will be no surprise.

Visualize all your goals, dreams and affirmations. Change them when they are no longer exciting. Spend at least fifteen minutes a session.

Copyright © 2008 Kurt DuNard

Kurt DuNard, The Exceptional Life Coach, is the author of EXCEPTIONAL LIFE: Living the Life You Were Meant to Live. High achievers seek him out to pinpoint their soul’s goals, increase abundance, and find more happiness and joy. If you think you would also like these things, then receive your FREE success tools from Kurt DuNard now at www.DuNard.com.

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Job Search Tips: How to Take Advantage of Holiday Networking

Holiday networking is a gift to yourself

The holidays are possibly THE perfect time to build your network–which is important for your entire medical sales career, but vital during a job search.  There are so many opportunities for you to reach out to others, and it will pay off for you throughout the new year.

Take advantage of the season

The most important thing you’ve got to remember about networking during the holidays:  just do it.  You can be confident that just about any contact you make this time of year will be received positively.  People expect it, so take advantage of it.  Reach out by sending out cards and emails to EVERYONE.

Reconnect with people you haven’t talked to in years 

Think about all possible contacts:  people you used to work with, former bosses, old high school or college buddies, former neighbors, your kid’s Little League coach from 10 years ago, everyone.  Send a card or an email.  You have a reason–it’s the holidays.  Just say, “Hey, how are you?  I was thinking about you and wanted to say Hi.  What have you been up to?  Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!”  (Or Happy Holidays, or whatever holiday you celebrate right about now.)  You don’t have to tell them you’re looking for a job.  And you shouldn’t, yet.  There will be time to gracefully fit that into the conversation later.

If they respond and they’re geographically close to you, invite them to grab lunch or coffee or drinks with you to catch up.   If they’re too far away for that, they might ask how you’re doing and then you can talk briefly about your job search goal in a positive, upbeat way.  (If that seems difficult, watch my video Be Positive When Explaining Your Unemployment.)

Thank your boss

If you’re employed, now is a great time to give your boss a gift or just say “Thank You” without looking like a suck-up.  Bosses like appreciation, too.

Attend holiday parties and events

If you’ve got a holiday party on your calendar, check out these networking event tips.  Set a goal of a certain number of people to meet, and follow up with them after the party with a nice “It was good to meet you” note.

Offer help and information to others

Keep in mind the spirit of the season.  If you can think of a way to help someone else out–do it, even if it’s as simple as giving them a link to information they might want.  Be a resource for people.  I firmly believe that if you put good things out there, good things will come back to you.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Medical Sales Team

Need some quick, easy and great gift ideas for the medical sales rep on your team?

  • You almost can’t beat a gift card…to a restaurant, a spa, or even their favorite store (bonus points for you if you know what it is).
  • If you don’t want to give something a little more personalized than a gift card, try a themed gift basket built around just about anything:  coffee, movies, fruit, candy, gourmet food, or chocolate.
  • Get them a Kindle What’s better for a busy person on the go than a quick and easy way to keep up with their reading?
  • If they already have a Kindle, get them e-books to go on it.  Read anything great lately?
  • Get them a magazine subscription (print or digital).  I like Selling Power.
  • I think the ultimate gift for a sales rep is more sales training.  After all, what’s better than learning new ways to build your skills and make more money?  If there’s a good training program that the reps would normally be required to pay for themselves, foot the bill for them.  You’ll both benefit from this one in the long run…

A really nice finishing touch to any gift:  write your team member a note expressing your appreciation for them, and/or noting something especially great they did in the past year that really impressed you.

2 Easy Holiday Gifts for the Medical Sales Job Seeker

Need a quick and easy holiday gift idea for your favorite medical sales job seeker?  Any medical sales professional (employed or not) will appreciate these ways to boost their social media presence and grow their networks. 

LinkedIn Profile Tutorial  – 

If you’re in sales, you probably already have a LinkedIn profile.  But if you’re not getting actively recruited for new opportunities, there’s no question you’ve got some work to do.  Your profile should be robustly representing you and selling you as a candidate, making recruiters and hiring managers interested enough to contact you.  It ranks right up there with your resume in importance.  You just can’t run a full-on job search without being on LinkedIn, and your profile is the first key to your success.  Career Confidential has a profile tutorial that guides you to creating the best LinkedIn presence possible. 

Facebook Profile Tutorial  – 

Who isn’t on Facebook already?  But the real question is, do you know how to use it to benefit your professional life and your job search?  Most folks only think about Facebook in terms of how it can hurt you, and they fail to realize how much it can help you if you use it right.  Recruiters search Facebook for candidates all the time (I know I do).  Plus, Facebook friends almost always give you a bigger and more varied pool of networking possibilities.  You never know who might lead you to your next job.

Ideas for Attracting the Attention of a Medical Sales Manager

If you’re in a job search, one of your biggest concerns is:  how do you get the attention of a medical sales manager? I’ve got some ideas for you:

  • Proof.  Your LinkedIn profile and your resume should feature numbers that prove what a great sales rep you are.  Sales rankings, dollars, or percentages that provide evidence of your success are music to a sales manager’s ears.  (Or whatever the equivalent is visually–eye candy?  Maybe not…the point is:  they like it.)  If you can point out an outstanding statistic or two in your cover letter, that’s even better.
  • Persistence.  Say you made contact but you didn’t get a response.  Do you give up?  Of course not.  Try again.  And again.  Not like a stalker, but in a measured, polite, consistent way…until you either have a job, or they tell you to stop.  (And if they tell you to stop, they’re not going to hire you anyway, so you haven’t lost anything.)  You’re just keeping the lines of communication open.  If sending your resume didn’t work, try sending a congratulatory email you got on what a great job you did on X sale.  Send your resume again but tell him you made a revision.  See what I mean?  If one way doesn’t work, try something else.  Or very possibly, you just have to catch them at the right moment.
  • Creative, but not crazy.  This ties in a little with my second point.  The copy of the email that compliments you on a job well done with a note that says, “I’d love to talk about how I could contribute like this to your company” is creative, as is sending a copy of your 30/60/90-day plan.  Once, a woman got my attention by sending me a photo of herself in camouflage with a note about how she was ready for the sales wars.  That’s not bad.  I was significantly less interested in the woman who sent confetti tucked into her resume.  It made a mess on my desk.  Think in terms of ways you can show your potential for success without looking weird or making a job search mistake.  You want to show you’re a solution, not a problem.