Clinical Lab Sales Strategy: Personalized Sales

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Peter Francis, President of Clinical Laboratory Sales Training, has an outstanding article for laboratory sales reps in the Medical Laboratory Observer’s August magazine:  Personalize your lab’s outreach selling strategy, inside and out.

Personalizing your sales process will shoot you past the barrier between "good" and "great."

He offers some great insights into the sales process, and leads you through the how’s and the why’s of personalizing your customer relationships to boost your sales and gain new accounts (even those who aren’t having issues with their current suppliers).

You’ll learn the process of creating a strong business rapport through what are actually very simple ways to make your customer feel important on a personal level and not just like another account.

Medical Device Sales Jobs: Why Does Everyone Want to Work for Stryker?

Stryker is one of the world’s leading medical device and medical technology companies, with a strong presence in orthopedics, surgical supplies and equipment, surgical navigation systems, and more.

I talk to candidates every day who are interested in going after a sales position at Stryker.  But I tell those candidates to proceed with caution. Don’t get me wrong.  Stryker is a solid company with a strong track record of growth (also on Fortune’s list of 100 best companies to work for).  But…the perception among these candidates is that they’re going to make 200-300K right off the bat.  That’s why everyone goes after it.  But typically, that’s not what happens.

medical device sales rep warning

Sales reps at Stryker spend their first year or two in a supportive role, assisting the sales reps who are making the big bucks–which means they make a lot less.  On top of not making the money they expected, that kind of workload is very stressful and taxing, which means that most sales reps wash out.

So Stryker runs through sales reps like water, and it’s not a big deal for them because for everyone who leaves, there are 10 more vying for that spot.

So what I recommend to many candidates is that they take a closer look at other medical device companies, especially smaller ones.  (Check out BioSpace’s DeviceSpace page for general medical device news.)  At a smaller company, they can be 1 out of 50 instead of 1 out of 400.  There’s less competition for those jobs, often a lot more training, and a relationship with a company who’s a little more interested in the longevity of its sales force.


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Medical Sales 101: What Is a Capital Sale?

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In the video below, I’m going to talk to you about the special characteristics of a capital sales process, and why some employers ask for capital sales experience in their job descriptions.

After you watch it, check out another video explaining the difference between capital sales and consumable sales.

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How to Get Into Medical Sales Webinar Info

What is BioSpace?


BioSpace is a website that should be on the top of your “go to” list if you are in any kind of sales position in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, or clinical-related field.  The education you’ll get there is phenomenal.

It is a fantastic “catch-all” site for life science professionals.  You can get the latest biotech headlines (you can even search by region or by disease), search for jobs within biotech or pharmaceutical,  post your resume, check out companies, participate in forums, research company profiles, find out about biotech industry events, and more (like articles for life science professionals who want to get off the bench).

BioSpace also offers related websites for medical device and diagnostics, as well as clinical research.  All in all, it’s a very well-run site worth checking out if you’re trying to transition in or grow your career in the medical sales field.