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Job Shadowing for Medical Sales: What Questions to Ask

I am a big proponent of job shadowing (aka ride-alongs, ride-withs, or preceptorships), and not just for entry-level medical sales candidates–it’s a fantastic strategy for candidates who are moving from one area of medical sales to another.

For example, pharma reps moving to medical device sales or laboratory sales would gain a huge edge over other candidates by having this experience that goes beyond typical job interview preparation. And then, when you incorporate it into your resume and your 30-60-90-day sales plan, it’s the icing on the cake.

The questions you ask when you job shadow are very important. You have a limited amount of time to get this done, so you need to get it right. In the video below, I have a list questions to ask that will help you. Best of luck!


If you have any interest in healthcare IT, check this out: my interview with Robert Oscar, CEO of RxEOB, a fast-growth company working with healthcare plans and healthcare providers using pharmacy analytics, sound medical management principles, and strategic health plan operations to improve the efficiency and quality of the pharmacy benefit. Bob talks with me about the web-based technology they’re using (iPad and SmartPhone apps) to improve communication between patients and doctors. If you have a clinical background or health-finance background, this could be a field you want to transition into. Others who might want to consider moving into the very high-growth healthcare IT field might be:

database administrators

business analysts

web developers

mobile developers

marketing experts

account managers

sales (long sales cycle)

It’s a great interview on a very exciting subject…

Want more information?
See RxEOB’s website or Bob Oscar’s LinkedIn profile.

(You’re on LinkedIn, right?)

Career Confidential’s “You’re Hired or We’re Fired” Contest!

Today is the kickoff for Career Confidential’s “You’re Hired or We’re Fired” Contest on Facebook!

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Medical Sales Summit Coming This Fall

Medical Sales Training and Networking Opportunity this Fall…

If you are a medical sales rep, a medical sales manager, or want to be employed in the medical sales industry, then you need to know about the Medical Sales Summit I am putting together in a few months.  It’s been my dream to have a gathering like this for the medical sales community, and I’m making it happen:  a one-day conference in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area to get the freshest ideas for building your sales, your business, and your career that incorporates some truly amazing networking opportunities.

And here’s the really exciting thing:  you have the very unique chance to actually shape the content of this conference.

Right now, there is a LOT of room for YOU to customize this summit so that it EXACTLY fits your needs.  What would help you advance your medical sales career the farthest and the fastest?

Click on this 2-minute information video about the Medical Sales Summit I’ve made for you…see what I have in mind for the Summit, and then there’s a survey right on the page for you to give me your input about what you’d like to see happen there–location, topics, speakers (maybe you’d like to be one?) and more.

Your answers will have a direct impact on the shape, the content, and even the location of the Medical Sales Summit.  Find out more and tell me what you’d like to see, learn, and do at the Medical Sales Summit this Fall.

Medical Sales Interview Question – “What’s Your Sales Style?”

What is your sales style?” If you’re trying to land a position in medical sales, you will definitely be asked this question at some point in your interview. (Probably right before “Can you sell me this pen?“) It’s one of many common sales interview questions.

As a medical sales recruiter, I expect a certain kind of answer when I ask someone that question, but in many cases, I don’t get it. In the video below, I’ll let you in on what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for when they ask you about your sales style.

Prepare for your interview with this no-cost Job Interview Prep Kit.

Get ready for more job interview questions with this blog series, How to Answer Interview Questions.  

2011 AACC Annual Meeting!

Clinical laboratory sales reps:  interested in a huge opportunity for professional growth and development (and some crazy-good networking)?

Get to Atlanta this month for the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) 2011 Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo!  Fantastic speakers, the latest products and services for clinical scientists, and valuable interaction with folks from all over the clinical lab field (yes, it’s in Atlanta in July, but air conditioning is a wonderful thing…).  It’s a super opportunity for clinical sales reps (attending conferences is #10 on the list of the top 10 ways to get a recruiter’s attention)  and medical sales recruiters–I’m looking forward to being there, and I hope you are, too.

* Before you go, check out my video for tips on how to work a tradeshow if you are searching for a job or think you might be in the near future.  I’ve got some key pieces of advice for before the conference, how to make your time count after you’re there, and following up after you get home.

Best of luck!

Cafe Pharma: Hottest Topics for Pharmaceutical Sales Reps

July 5, 2011 · Posted in HealthCare Sales, HealthCare Sales Jobs, Medical Sales, Medical Sales Job Search, Medical Sales Recruiting, Medical Sales Recruitment, Pharmaceutical Sales, Pharmaceutical Sales Recruitment · Comments Off on Cafe Pharma: Hottest Topics for Pharmaceutical Sales Reps 

I’ve got to say…Cafepharma’s message boards, I’m not crazy about. There’s a lot of ranting and negativity that goes on there. It wasn’t compared to a men’s room wall for nothing.

But…Cafepharma is a fantastic source of the latest happenings in the pharmaceutical world, and is a “must-see” for pharmaceutical sales reps. If you want to keep up, this clearinghouse of all things pharmaceutical is a great place to do it. There are typically 400-500 items a month, from everywhere (Pharmalot, Fierce Pharma, Motley Fool, general newspapers, and more).

For instance, if I were a pharmaceutical rep or manager, I’d want to read What to Do About the Sunshine Act (how to deal with physician concerns about new disclosure laws), GlaxoSmithKline’s new compensation plan for U.S. sales reps, and Merck’s new insomnia drug.

And they have a pharmaceutical sales jobs board, too.

Just stay away from the message boards…

Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2011 · Posted in Medical Sales, Medical Sales Recruiting, Medical Sales Recruitment · Comments Off on Happy 4th of July! 

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