Want a Medical Sales Job? Get B2B Experience

If you’ve seen any postings at all for medical sales jobs (including some job postings on PHC Consulting), you’ve seen more than a few that say “B2B sales experience required” or “preferred” or whatever. It may be frustrating to you if you don’t have that, and you don’t see why it should make a difference.

In the video below, I’m going to talk to you about why B2B sales experience is so valuable in medical sales, and how that experience can give you a serious leg up when it comes to landing a medical sales job:

Surgical Sales Tip: Get To Know Your Customer

I came across this video on YouTube that interested me. It’s about a day in the life of a surgeon, and it made me think of a basic rule of sales: Know Your Customer.  Being able to sort of virtually “walk a mile” in your customer’s shoes will give you great insight into what makes him or her tick and what he or she values most in whatever product you’re selling.  If you get to know what’s important to them, what their biggest problems are, and what they’re looking for in a solution, your sales numbers will be much higher.

So if you’re in (or interested in) surgical sales, this video is for you. But consider checking out videos like this on YouTube for more insight into whatever medical sales role you play: imaging sales, hospital equipment sales, medical software sales, laboratory research sales, medical device sales, or more. There’s a lot to learn, and I believe that the more you know, the better medical sales rep you’ll be.

Best of luck.

Click here for a quick video with more information on breaking into medical sales–even if you have no experience.

Medical Sales Job Interview Question: “Can You Sell Me This Pen?”

Medical sales job interviews commonly have a version of role-play that they use for interview questions. In the most general sense, it’s a “What would you do in this situation?” kind of question. It’s strongly related to the whole behavioral interview process. Hiring managers want to get a better picture of what life will look like when you’re on the job.

In sales jobs of all kinds, the stereotypical question is “Can you sell me this pen?” (One of the most hated job interview questions…)

Because there are so many different kinds of health care sales jobs, and because this particular situation gives you a good idea of the thought process of hiring managers who want to incorporate role play in the interview, I’m going to go through the process of “selling a pen” to the hiring manager in the video below.  And I believe practicing this process would be especially helpful to pharma reps who are trying to transition into medical device sales, medical software sales, laboratory sales, or other types.

If you want to get serious about preparing for interview questions, practice role-playing them with an interview coach so you’ll be ready for anything.

Medical Sales Recruiter On SalesCrunch Top 50 Sales Blogs

I am very pleased and honored to report that the Medical Sales Recruiter’s Tips and Quips blog is #19 on SalesCrunch’s list of Top 50 Sales Blogs by Twitter Followers.

The blogs were chosen from the hundreds that SalesCrunch regularly follows, based on the number of followers each blogger has on Twittter, and they wanted to recognize the success of each one in creating a wide social media following.

I love SalesCrunch, and I encourage you to check out the list for some great blogs.

Twitter is a great resource for your medical sales job search.  I would love to have you follow me on Twitter –  @salesrecruiter.

What’s Wrong With Pod Selling?

Pharmaceutical sales reps often run into trouble when they try to transition into another area of medical sales because of their pod sales experience. In the video below, I’ll explain pod selling and talk about why it can be detrimental to your medical sales job search-and how you can remedy that.

If you’re a pharma rep running into some bias in your job hunt, check out this article The Secret to Getting Around ‘Pharma Reps Need Not Apply.’

Financial Sales Rep Transitions Into Medical Sales

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I wanted to share Robert’s experience with you.  He wrote:

“About six months ago I decided that I really needed a change in my career.   Many of my friends are in either medical or pharma sales and thought that I should give it a shot. My issue was that none of their companies were hiring and I had ZERO experience.  I was coming from the Financial Sales Field and had little B2B experience as well.  I had watched a few of Peggy’s videos before I went ahead with the coaching.

It works! After about two weeks of using her methods my inbox started filling up.   Some of them were with advice and others wanted to speak to me or send my resume.  I reached out to all of them and networked my way to three interviews in a week.   I got two offers and I started last week.  The cost of the coaching made up for itself in a few hours of work with what I was offered!” —  Robert Geoffrey Seymour Philadelphia, PA

Robert purchased my standard 1.5 hour package.  You can see it on this page:


If this is the type of help that you need, pay for the 1.5 hours and give us your contact information.  I will have Jennifer schedule our first call for this week.

Life is short.  Step on the gas pedal…..

Transitioning Into Medical Device Sales Questions

Have you wanted to break into medical sales but you have no experience?

It’s very possible for you to beat the competition and get the job.

How? Listen…


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