Abbott Labs (medical, pharmaceutical, clinical company) Exceeding $$ Expectations!

Big pharma seems to be doing well, according to their first quarter reports.

The New York Times reports that Abbott, Johnson & Johnson, and Novartis had better-than-expected earnings because of rebounding drug sales figures and strong growth in overseas markets. That’s good news.

So will pharma reps start to see a road to recovery in available jobs after the huge declines of recent years?

I don’t know that I would bet on that horse yet.  But the rest of the medical sales arena is great.  If you’re a recovering pharma rep looking to get into a more stable area of medical sales (or someone who’s looking to get into medical sales from another field), start by doing everything you can to become the strongest medical sales candidate.

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Are Free-Standing Emergency Centers Affecting Your Medical Sales Job?

Are you in hospital sales? Medical equipment sales? Imaging sales? How has the trend toward free-standing emergency care centers affected your job?  Or has it?  Is it just another facility to you?  Do you sell to physicians or hospital administrators there?

I found this YouTube video that tours St.Mark’s Lone Peak Emergency Center and does a nice job detailing how these centers are different from both hospital emergency rooms (dedicated labs, x-ray and MRI equipment for faster results) and Urgent Care centers (equipped to deal with bigger issues).  They are being strongly marketed to healthcare consumers as better alternatives to traditional emergency rooms, in part because of those faster results, coupled with lesser costs.

Well, whatever you think, I want to point out that YouTube can be a valuable resource for medical sales reps, either to learn more about the marketplace and the healthcare system, or to learn how to be a powerhouse candidate for medical sales rep jobs.  🙂