The “Operating Room of the Future” Looks Like an Imaging Lab

Here’s a video I found on YouTube:  The Operating Room of the Future. It’s a tour of New York Presbyterian’s newest operating room with some pretty cool-looking state-of-the-art imaging equipment from Siemens Healthcare that allows for more minimally invasive procedures.  They’re talking about redefining the role of a surgeon to include, among other things, expertise in information technology.   The surgeon of the future is going to be more of a multi-tasker than ever before, drawing on many more areas of discipline and technology.



Interested in surgical sales, medical device sales, or imaging sales?  Who are the biggest names out there?  Well, Stryker is a big one, and also on Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 Companies to Work For–although I’ve had a cautionary tale or two about them before.  But they’re also on the list of Top Medical Device Companies, along with names like Baxter, CareFusion, Medtronic, and more.  Don’t forget to check out PHC Consulting’s available jobs list to see the latest openings in this exciting area of medical sales.

Career Coaching To Land a Medical Sales Job – Why You Need It

Are you a strong candidate but you’re just not getting enough interviews?  Or the right interviews?  It’s a common problem.  Job searches are always tough, but our current unemployment numbers mean that you have even more competition than before.

The job search is a numbers game, which means that if you apply for enough positions and talk to enough people, you’ll land a job–eventually.  But how much time do you have?

Watch the video and I’ll tell  you about what my particular brand of career coaching can offer you:  not career counseling, but true candidate coaching that teaches you the practical skills of how to present yourself in the very best light, and more importantly, how to get yourself in front of a large number of exactly the kind of hiring managers you need, in exactly the geographical location you’re interested in.

Get more information about custom career consulting and job search training.


Novartis (pharmaceutical giant) purchases clinical diagnostics laboratory: Can you say personalized medicine?

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Check out The Dark Daily‘s report:  Novartis to Pay $470 Million to Buy Pathology Testing Company Genoptix.  You’ll get an analysis of the deal, and see how Novartis plans to incorporate Genoptix’s capabilities into its long-range strategy.

What implications will this have for independent clinical pathology labs?  How will the march toward personalized medicine and companion diagnostics play into what seems to be the continued consolidation of the clinical diagnostics and pathology lab industries?  Is this another fundamental shift for Big Pharma, as pharmaceutical companies continue to make strategic changes in their methods of doing business?

Stay tuned…

Will the iPad Do Away With the Pharma Rep?

Have you been issued your iPad yet?

The iPad that looks like a great deal for you and a way to make your job easier, might just be the iPad that’s poised to steal your job.  Thousands of drug reps, including those at AstraZeneca, Novartis, Millenium, and more either have received, or will soon receive, iPads loaded with Veeva Systems iRep, which makes a complete, error-free pitch on an unlimited variety of products without the actual sales rep having to say a word.  Is this the death knell for pharma sales reps?  Read it here:  The iPad:  Now Poised to Steal Drug Sales Reps’ Jobs.

What does it mean for you?  If you’re a pharma rep, I think you need to take a serious look at the writing on the wall.  Life hasn’t been looking good for pharmaceutical reps for a while–there have been huge declines in drug rep sales forces (and in fact, of all the job losses in America in 2010, pharma is the sector that’s lost the most jobs), and these technology-based changes are just picking up steam.  (See Will Websites Replace Pharma Reps?)

Start thinking about a transition to another medical sales arena–medical device, laboratory sales, medical software, etc.  And know that you’re going to have a lot of competition from other displaced pharma reps, so figure out what you need to do to look stronger in the job market–from your resume to your total image as a candidate.   It’s hard, but not impossible.

Here’s an example:  a pharma rep who transitioned to surgical sales.

You can do it, too.

Sales Training Video: Are You Making This Medical Sales Mistake?

Here’s an interesting story from Mace Horoff about a mistake he made as a surgical sales rep that cost him the sale.   It’s a common mistake in sales technique among reps in medical device sales, surgical equipment sales, and laboratory sales.  Have you made this error?



YouTube (where I found this video) is a great resource.  Don’t forget to check out the Medical Sales Recruiter’s YouTube Channel for insider tips specifically for medical sales reps!


Clinical Laboratory Sales Reps — When Should Your Lab Hire One?

January 12, 2011 · Posted in Clinical Diagnostics, For Sales Managers, Laboratory Sales, Medical Sales Recruiting, Research Products · Comments Off on Clinical Laboratory Sales Reps — When Should Your Lab Hire One? 

Listen to this fantastic audio with Peter Francis, President and Senior Trainer of Clinical Laboratory Sales Training in Baltimore. I met Peter at the last G2 LabCompete Conference. (It’s also an opportunity for me to to underscore (1) what a terrific conference it was, and (2) what great networking opportunities conferences and trade shows are.) I’ve asked him some questions about when clinical labs should hire their first sales reps, in terms of what their goals are for growth and building business relationships. Here’s what he said:

Peter Francis Audio 1

Here are your links to learn more about Peter Francis and Clinical Laboratory Sales Training.

Medical Technologists Among Best Careers for 2001

January 10, 2011 · Posted in Clinical Diagnostics, Laboratory Sales Recruitment · Comments Off on Medical Technologists Among Best Careers for 2001 

Here’s the scoop from the Dark Daily:  Clinical laboratory technologists and technicians are among the top growth jobs for the next decade, according to U.S. News and World Report’s list of The 50 Best Careers for 2011.

Med techs have an indispensable place in the health care field, and demand will increase as a result of the growing needs of aging baby boomers, advances in health care technology, and changing health care laws.  It’s going to be more important than ever that labs establish solid strategies for recruiting and retaining first-rate techs, including updating with social media and incorporating best practices for motivating and retaining employees.

Are you interested in landing a spot as a medical technologist or technician?  Remember to keep up with PHC Consulting’s available opportunities for lab techs.

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Career Coaching: Do Men See It Differently Than Women?

You know what I’ve noticed lately?  Most of my career-coaching clients are men.  Out of the last 26 career coaching/interview coaching/job search advice sessions I’ve conducted, 19 clients were male, and 7 were female.  I know that doesn’t represent the gender ratio within the medical sales field, so what gives?

Do females invest in their careers less than males? Do females prefer to seek help from male advisors rather than female ones? Do men have less of an issue than most people would believe about accepting career help from a female advisor?

I’ve written before about the lack of female medical sales managers (and I believe there are too few women leaders in all business and political sectors), but this is a different issue—or is it?  I previously said that women were less likely (for various reasons) to play politics and participate in the networking necessary for climbing the ladder, and that women don’t support each other in the workplace all that well—yet.  But maybe another reason is that they aren’t investing in their careers by seeking mentors, sharpening skill sets, or hiring a career coach in order to put themselves in the best possible position for advancement.

Does the stereotypical image of a female candidate accepting a lower salary or unwilling to ask for a raise extend to the idea that she won’t invest in herself as a candidate?  Are women simply less competitive than men—which means they don’t go after every advantage they can get?

Is it that women rely more on conventional methods of skill-building (classes, certifications, etc.) instead of slightly out-of-the-box ideas like interview coaching?  Does it seem riskier to them?  Men are notorious for being more willing to take risks in all areas of their lives, so maybe that explains their seemingly increased willingness to try something new.

Here’s what I think:  If women really are less confident in the workplace, it makes sense that they should seek out someone to interact with to build their candidate skill set and confidence.  If women can’t find a mentor the “traditional” way, hiring a career coach who climbed the medical sales corporate ladder as a female and can speak from personal experience in the trenches sounds like just the ticket.  And if women value their careers, they should be willing to invest in themselves, sharpen their skills, take a few risks, and step on up to success.

Career coaching works to eliminate any flaws you’re unwittingly bringing to the hiring process, and polishes your job searching and interviewing skills to a shine.  If you’re a better candidate, you’re going to get a better job, and you’re going to do it much faster…which translates into a better work environment, a better paycheck, and a better life.

Check out how career coaching can transform you into a powerhouse candidate and help you land the job of your dreams!

Over 200,000 Views on Medical Sales Recruiter Video YouTube Channel!

I am excited to announce that we’ve hit the 200,000-view mark on the Medical Sales Recruiter YouTube Channel!

Thank you for watching and for referring my videos to others.  They are all designed to give you a strong competitive edge in the medical sales job market, and I would love to hear from you about which tips or advice you’ve gained the most from that resulted in your career success!

Top 5 Videos (by view numbers)

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Get advice on how (and when) to handle the very delicate topic of financial compensation in the interview process.  Sail past the obstacles that cause trouble for everyone else!

Closing in the Job Interview for a Job Offer

Maneuver through the interview toward the best possible outcome!  Never leave another interview wondering if you’ve done everything you can to get the job.

30/60/90-Day Plans for Job Interviews – Get Hired!

What is a 30/60/90-day plan and how can you use it to be a powerhouse candidate who gets the offer?

How to Ace the Behavioral Interview

Get the techniques to master this very common but tricky interview style.

How to Ace Panel Interviews

Don’t let panel interviews make you nervous!  Get the keys to being a calm, cool, and confident candidate. 


These videos offer solid advice on topics that candidates are most concerned with, but I also want to recommend 3 more videos to you.  These include some insider tips and out-of-the-box techniques to becoming an outstanding medical sales candidate!

4 Impressive Job Interview Techniques to Get the Offer

I’ve got 4 stories for you about candidates who used my interview techniques with their own unique twists that made amazing impressions on the hiring managers and got them the offer!

How to Prepare for the Toughest Interview Questions

You can find job interview prep tips anywhere, but only here are you going to get the powerful technique to help you slam dunk the interview questions that are real “showstoppers.”

Asking Questions in the Interview Process

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for candidates to participate in the interview by asking questions of their own.  Learn which questions really separate you from the other candidates!