Social Media Trends in Pathology

I’ve recently come across a great blog covering topics in pathology, healthcare IT, laboratory information systems, and more:  Pathagility.

There’s a good article on Social Media in Pathology – Game Changer, that reinforces just how much social media is becoming a huge factor in such a wide variety of areas, in this case the pathology/laboratory field.  It’s just one more example of how social media is transforming our careers, as it has with networking, medical sales job searches, healthcare data management, and even employee retention programs.

Check it out, and have a great day!

Happy Thanksgiving From The Medical Sales Recruiter!

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How to Hire Hunters for Medical Sales

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Medical sales managers:  Do you know the secrets to reeling in top-level talent?

When HR can’t find the hunters you need, do you know how to find them yourself?

Eliot Burdett from Peak Sales Recruiting has a fantastic post on How to Hire Hunters for your sales team:

  • Where to find them (since they’re not looking for you–they’re selling)
  • What to look for (top personality traits to look for)
  • How to interview them (no one’s as good at interviews as sales reps–ask the questions that matter)
  • How to reel them in (what they need to know to join your team)

It’s a sharp article and I highly recommend that you check it out.

Myths of Landing a Medical Sales Job

Medical sales jobs (and especially medical device sales jobs) are notorious for being difficult to get into, and most people assume that it’s impossible for candidates who are right out of college.   While it’s true that competition for these jobs is fierce, it’s a myth that you can’t land a position as a new graduate.


Watch today’s video to see your best strategy for landing a medical sales job, whether you’re a new graduate or an experienced candidate ready to transition into medical sales:

Learn everything you need to know about landing a job in medical sales, even if you have no experience, with this step-by-step plan:

How to Get Into Medical Sales

Business Automation/Integration Audio – It’s Like the Jetsons

Did you ever wish you could clone your top-performing sales reps?

Listen to this absolutely fantastic audio of my interview with Peter Williams, Chief Strategic Officer at Bamboo Technologies, and Director of Global Sales and Marketing at Bamboo Network Ltd., a small international technology company doing some very big and exciting things in using the most cutting-edge technology to manage and measure their sales force.  (He also provides innovative IT consulting on an international level…and the list goes on–check out Peter Williams’ LinkedIn profile to learn more about him.)

His company uses an interactive, incredibly versatile GPS system integrated with their customer management system that functions as a virtual assistant–or a virtual manager. (How would you like to have it call a taxi, call your next client to let them know you’ll be late, or tell you what your next best step is?) It’s the closest you can come to automating your sales process (while still keeping the human element)–resulting in a bigger profit margin from the increased productivity and efficiency.

His company has achieved incredible growth using this technology, and he discusses this in detail. I hope you enjoy hearing it and can take away a solution for your own sales force.

What do you think? Are you fascinated? Is it too “Big Brother”? Do your sales reps need more autonomy, or does a system like this fulfill your wildest wishes for maximizing your sales force? Let me know in the comments below.

How to Transition From Pharma to Medical Device Sales

Times are tough in pharma sales, and it has been for a while now.   (Over 6000 jobs were cut in September alone, and more pharma job losses are coming.)  That means that many pharma reps are looking for new positions in other areas of medical sales, like medical devices or laboratory sales, and it can be hard to transition because of the reputation, structure, and procedures of the pharmaceutical sales arena.  They need to look stronger in the job market.

What’s the secret?

Well, when I coach former pharmaceutical reps,  I let them in on a few things to focus on:

  • the language they need to use with hiring managers, recruiters, and in interviews
  • what kind of proof they need to give potential employers to prove they can be successful at the job

Watch this video to get the details, and learn how you can transition to a new medical sales job:

Medical Sales: Job Searching During the Holidays

True or False?   Medical sales companies stop hiring during November and December.


One of the top myths of job searching is that no one hires during the holidays—but that’s just not true.  But many job seekers take a break from the search during the holidays because they believe it (and because they get distracted by family plans and holiday parties).

The truth is, the end of the year is a great time to land a job in all areas of health care sales.

I know as a recruiter, we don’t see any drop in business during the holidays, and January is always one of PHC Consulting’s busiest times of year—and the groundwork was often laid in December.

Why the holidays are a great opportunity to get the job:

1.       You can take advantage of the fact that other candidates have temporarily dropped out of the race—because they believe the myth.  That means there’s less competition for you, and a much greater chance to stand out.

2.       Companies don’t stop needing great employees in November and December. You never know when they’re going to have an opening, and often, they have their own end-of-year deadlines to meet to fill a spot.  Don’t miss it.

3.       Networking opportunities are plentiful during the holidays—holiday parties, professional networking events, and all kinds of social occasions.  Even though you should tread lightly and make a point of gathering information, you should definitely let people know you’re looking.  It’s also a great idea to send out a funny or entertaining Christmas letter that mentions your search and what you’re looking for.  You never know where your next job lead might come from.

Look at the holiday season as a unique opportunity for your job search.  Goodwill and friendly feelings often abound at this time of year.  Absorb some of it, project some of your own, and stay motivated.  Your persistence will eventually pay off.

*****Give yourself an early gift this holiday season (and it’s FREE)! Sign up for this one-hour webinar:

How To Get a Better Job Faster –  learn crucial steps to getting the job you want – fast!

Medical Sales Recruiter Tops the List of Top 25 Online Recruiters

I am thrilled to let you know that HR Examiner has updated their list of the Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters, and the Medical Sales Recruiter has moved to #1!


HR Examiner works with Traacker to highlight sources of digital influence in the HR industry, based on computerized evaluations of Reach (traffic), Relevance (keywords), and Resonance (links, mentions, etc.).  They also evaluate professionals in Leadership and Talent Management.

Thank you, HR Examiner, for including me on this fantastic list that also includes people like Chris Hoyt, the Recruiter Guy; Amybeth Hale, the Research Goddess; and Bill Boorman, of the Recruiting Unblog.

And thank you, readers!  I work hard to provide the information and tools you need to be successful in the medical sales job search, and I love to hear about your success.

As always, I welcome your comments on blog posts and suggestions for topics you’d like to learn more about.

See you at the top!

Peggy McKee


Dark Daily Notes Technology Trends in HealthCare Data

Mobile Health Care Data


Can’t live without your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry?  In love with your iPad?

So are the doctors and nurses you work with.  There’s an ever-increasing number of them demanding access to laboratory test data through their own personal mobile devices.

The Dark Daily has a very informative article on this huge trend in the health care field:

Tech-Savvy Doctors Are Putting Smartphones and iPads to Work in their Medical Practice

This trend will have a big impact for clinical laboratories, anatomic pathology groups, healthcare IT, medical software, and more.  Check it out.