ObamaCare’s Effect on Medical/Clinical Testing and Demand

Speaking of trends in medical sales:  Under the new health care law, many preventative health care services are covered without requiring a copay from the patient, including screenings for diabetes, cancer, STDs, HIV, and more.  I’m not sure I like how this will affect the cost of health care and the rise of insurance premiums, but I want to bring to your attention that this likely massive increase in clinical diagnostics screenings will, without a doubt, drive sales in companies that provide these tests.

For example:

Type 2 Diabetes screening for adults with high blood pressure is on the list.  So, companies with a strong diabetes testing menu like Bayer, Abbott and BioRad might see an increase in demands due to this mandate.

Breast cancer mammography screenings are covered every 1 to 2 years for women over 40.  That means that the top companies providing mammogram equipment (like GE Healthcare, Hologic, and Fuji Medical) will also likely see an increase in business.

Check out this link for a listing of other preventative services covered under the Affordable Health Care Act:


If you’re interested, here’s a link to a list of top medical equipment vendors.

Written by Peggy McKee - the medical sales recruiter
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