Job Search Tip: Show Your Professionalism

As a medical sales recruiter, it’s my job to find the perfect candidate for my client companies in medical sales, laboratory sales, pharmaceutical sales, biotechnology sales, clinical diagnostics sales, imaging sales, pathology sales, hospital equipment sales, medical equipment sales, medical device sales, surgical supply sales, cellular or molecular products sales, or one of the other many niches in healthcare sales,  management, and marketing.  That’s a lot of looking, and it can get pretty specific, so I often conduct internet searches…through Twitter (and I’m not the only one), Facebook, LinkedIn, and sometimes, just a basic Google.

If you’d like a chance to be contacted by me (although this applies to any job-seeker in any industry), here’s a piece of advice:

Please make sure your online photo is professional. 
Not necessarily professionally done, but that you appear to be a professional in it.

I’ve posted before about the necessity of cleaning up your Facebook pages for public consumption, especially if you’re in a job hunt, but this is one step further.  Your online pages are often your first opportunity to make a great impression.  Use it wisely.

Meg Guiseppi has some nice thoughts on making sure that your online photo sends the right personal branding message.  She thinks you should put some put some effort into getting a great photo and then using only that one across all social media, so that it becomes an established part of your brand message.

Speaking of personal branding, Dan Schwabel also has some good tips on using social media to get a job.  Click and read.  He writes that you should be both proactive and reactive…meaning be active and look, but also position yourself online where people can find you, and make yourself a candidate that recruiters want to call.

Written by Peggy McKee - the medical sales recruiter
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