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January 8, 2009 · Posted in Medical Sales Recruiting 

The Recruiting Animal gave out his annual social media awards (so noting outstanding performance among recruiters with the social media tools – linkedin, twitter, facebook, myspace, etc). Mine was:Sexiest Job Hunting Video

I am not sure that this award is one that I would have aspired to, but I think what Animal meant was that the videos are powerful. And power is sexy. Why powerful? Because, I tackle all of the topics for the medical sales candidate (and any other aspiring sales candidate) and give out the good stuff. I have taken 10 years of recruiting experience and bottled it and here it is….
See if you think the information is powerful.

Here are some of the comments that I have received from the videos:

Great videos..I am really getting a lot of advice to help me to find and hopefully land a job once i graduate. Thanks so much..keep them coming

Really excellent advice and applicable to sales and marketing positions in a variety of industries, anywhere where being a resourceful and direct salesperson during the interview is appealing to hiring managers or influencers.

I believe everyone has to wrap their mind around one important issue; you are a commodity so forget all this warm and fuzzy stuff about job interviews. If you can’t show them how you can add to their bottom line rather than their overhead don’t even waste your time going to the interview. Normally in these situations you are talking about the upper 10’s of thousands of dollar jobs. They are not looking for fry cooks at Waffle House. These are like military precision drills. GO PREPARED!

You are very good with all of your vids. I have watched 2 interviewing tips, landed a career opportunity. I’ve also watched a few that I really don’t know where I can use the information. It’s cool how helpful you are!

Ms. McKee, your videos are great! I am in the candidate side of the desk, and have found your videos extremely educative for improving interviewing skills. One question, how soon after the interview will a follow up e-mail look best? 1-2 hrs? next day? in two or three days? Thanks a lot!

You can check them out on my site as well.

Written by Peggy McKee - the medical sales recruiter
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