Resume 101

August 15, 2007 · Posted in Medical Sales, Medical Sales Recruiting, Resumes · Comments Off on Resume 101 

A beautiful resume, the appropriate experience…, let’s see…is the candidate in the right location…..No address on the front page, no address on the bottom, no address on the back. (see resume basics) Why would she do that? It means that I have to hand her off to my assistant. She will have to call the number on the resume. Probably, she will leave a message. Then, maybe the candidate can call us back and tell us where she lives. Now, I know you are going to ask me why I can’t tell where she lives by the phone number. The cell phone era has introduced uncertainty in that area. A candidate yesterday had a Colorado number but lives in Dallas. He used to live in Denver. Also, companies issue cell phones with a number that is unrelated to where the employee lives. So…..can we skip all these steps and just have the address on the resume?

Workplace e-mails

August 15, 2007 · Posted in HealthCare Sales, Laboratory Sales, Medical Sales, Medical Sales Recruiting, Resumes · Comments Off on Workplace e-mails 

Check out this article on workplace e-mail etiquette…it covers how to keep your e-mail from being tagged as spam, what to pay attention to in content and length (like how to watch that your more relaxed social e-mail habits don’t show up in professional e-mails), and suggestions for how to name attached files (like resumes) so they won’t get lost in the shuffle.  More and more, first contacts and impressions are being made online, so developing good e-mail communication skills is critical for anyone in the medical sales industry.