Make sure your recruiter contacts have your personal email address…..

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I just had the saddest thing happen. I had this great job. Incredible opportunity, professional growth, sunny location, good money, stock options. I knew the “perfect candidate”. I had not talked with him in the last year or so….I immediately called him. Number disconnected. Then I emailed. Email no longer valid. Called his company, they would not give me forwarding information. I got distracted working with other candidates, filled the job and thought no more of it. Fast forward 3 months. The “perfect candidate” calls me – his company that he has been with for less than 2 years is going through layoffs, do you have an appropriate opportunity? Well, I did. But I DID NOT HAVE YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS AND I COULD NOT CONTACT YOU!!! Don’t let this happen to you. Send me your personal email today!!

12 “anyday” networking tips….

I thought that this article was great. 12 Holiday Networking Tips is the list all of us should go through before National Sales Meetings, Trade Shows, Business Meetings and any other forum where we are meeting with those that can play a part in our professional future! Read it, live it.

Be One of the Few, not One of the Many!!!

I received a resume from a candidate the other day.  She had a MS in Molecular biology.  Great grade point average – intelligent? Yes.  What did she want to be when she grew up?  A pharmaceutical sales representative. Why? She wanted to use her science background, communication skills and business acumen. I asked her “Why do you want to be one of the many where you are one of the few?”  Not very many sales reps have MS degrees in complicated science areas.  Certainly 80% of pharma reps are without that type of advanced degree and there are thousands of pharma reps. My advice: Find another product area where her degree is more of a requirement from the start she will have fewer contenders vying for these positions.  And once she has sales experience she will have even less competition for other positions of advancement in these arenas.  To summarize: Consider yourself. What is unique about you? Work to identify career areas and where you can differentiate yourself with this uniqueness.

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease”

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Here is a quote or quip we have all heard.  What does it mean? Well it is the mirror image of “out of sight is out of mind.” Where am I going with this? Back to my network, network, network, theme. Make sure you squeak and are in sight of your boss and your company.  Be sure to contribute in meetings, follow up with positive emails, respond to surveys, pass on competitive information, etc.  Be seen.

With a recruiter or a contact there are similar ways to squeak: Send emails with quick notes. Update your resume.  Send in your rankings (if you are positively represented. Let them know when you have changed jobs, places you would consider relocating to, new phone #’s. If you are going to be at a conference that they may be attending, drop them an email asking if you can meet for coffee. Basically, keep in touch.  If a recruiter calls you about a job, that you aren’t interested in….give them a referral… Maybe that person will be the right fit.  If not, maybe they will refer the right person for the job.  Be helpful.  The recruiter will remember you fondly and will call you about the best jobs.  How can you beat that?


New Year’s Resolutions!

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January 1st.   Resolution time.  All of the magazines have weight loss, smoking cessation and a multitude of other personal issue identified for you to target in your new year’s resolution. I want to add my thoughts.  I want you to resolve to be more.  Now I have my opinion about your personal life but here we will work with your career.

#1 Love you job.  If you don’t, get a new one.  But don’t assume different company equals better job.  Maybe your actual job description needs a change.

#2 Learn more – Read, Read, Read, or Listen, Listen, Listen.  Books are a wealth of information. That information can make you a better employee, a better boss, and a better coworker. Information is king.  It changes perspective, it changes direction. It changes everything!!

#3 Network – resolve to email 10 people from your past that you have lost touch with. Explain to them that you are trying to be better -specifically at networking.  Tell them you intend to email them once a quarter and that you just want to keep in touch.  Ask them to not hesitate to ask you if they need an introduction or any assistance (for any reason). If you can help them, you will. Then put it in your planner to email them quarterly.  Add one person to this list every month. Sign up for LinkedIn then connect with as many folks as you can.

Right now, you may say why? But in a month or 12 months from now you may need that connection. Maybe you will be looking for a job or maybe someone you know may be looking for a job, who knows?

Maybe your connection will need assistance.  Helping others always makes you feel good.  Wasn’t that one of your resolutions?