Networking….begins today!

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Great Networking Article

Thank you Carl for posting this article and thank you Jason for writing it!! I feel like all of my readers need to see this. Great relationships require work and planning. Start today!

Happy Holidays from the medical sales recruiter….

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How do I get a list of relevant recruiters? Maybe even outside of medical sales.

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I get this question a lot – the answer is an online list of recruiters!! I would warn you that you have to choose geography. So even though I recruit all over the nation, I will only be listed in the southwest. Good Luck!!

How to work with a recruiter…

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You need to know that a recruiter has obligations to many different companies and has a database of candidates that is in the 5 digit range. What does that mean to you (a prospective candidate)? You have to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. How do you do this? The same way you set yourself apart in any other sale. Make the process easy. Know what the person’s motivation is. What do they need? In my case, I need candidates that I can place in my companies that will be the top of class. If you think that you are that candidate then you have to find a way to convince me of this….I have candidates that send me their resumes and lengthly cover letters that go on and on about their work ethic, drive, skills, etc. You need to understand that everyone has a copy of these letters and recruiters don’t read them. What I love is sales rankings, sales numbers, emails that your manager sent you congratulating you on outstanding performance, references that I can check (these are potential candidates – recruiters love this) and well timed phone calls that are short and sweet. Of course, the squeaky wheel does get the grease and you should check back but make sure you keep it light. If I have a job that is a good fit for you and you are a good candidate, it is in my best (financial) interest to put you in play. At no point is it appropriate to lose your temper with a recruiter or be aggressive in any way. Our job is shot through and through with stress, aggression and pressure. If we get it from a candidate, we put you on the “No” list forever. Remember that this is not personal and if you don’t like a recruiter, then don’t call them back. Good Luck!!

MBA: Yes or No????

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Many candidates ask me whether or not they should pursue an MBA. Will they make more money in their next position? Will they be promoted more rapidly? Many will not like my answers here but they are just based on my experiences. I, myself, have an MBA. So I can, also, speak from my personal journey. First, should I get an MBA? The answer is yes! More education is always best. If you use that education to excel at your job, if you truly learn something in those courses and apply that to your job for greater productivity or a better thought process. But I would say that I met many MBA’s that just check the box. In either case, the MBA on the resume may get you in the interview process because it may be a gating factor. Also, some hiring managers buy into its value and give candidates with the degree more credence than candidates without the degree. Will you make more money? In my area of expertise (sales and marketing), the answer is that you will not be compensated higher just because of the degree. However, again, if you use the education to be better at what you do then invariably you will make more money. As a sales representative, the financial experience I got in my MBA courses gave me tools to position my company and products for greater success. It follows that if you are more successful at your job you will be promoted faster! So, to summarize, yes you should get an MBA if you aspire to be more. If you will use it! Or if you want to avoid being passed over because you have a manager that uses education as a gating factor. One exception – I do not see the value if you already have a business degree.

How do I get into sales?

Often I have a candidate with a technical degree call me to talk about getting into a sales position. When I ask what they have done to prepare for a sales position, I get the long silence. Would you apply to be a doctor without the degree? Would you buy a restaurant without speaking with a lot of people in the industry? Would you do anything as large as a complete career change without doing a lot of research? I want the candidate that has read as many books as they can get their hands on (Authors: Neil Rackham, Zig Ziglar, Heiman, Harvey, etc.), talked with other sales representatives, shadowed other sales professionals, etc. Why? First, this candidate shows initiative, process and follow through. This candidate is more likely to understand what they are getting themselves into and will definitely be more prepared for the interviewing process.